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Ellen Grace Jones

Arts, lifestyle and socio-political writer

Ellen Grace Jones is a London based arts and socio-political writer/commentator and editor of arts and culture site, The Metropolist.

She also runs the boutique content and editorial agency, Invisible Heartbeat and is the founder of the award nominated, pithy and provocative fashion news site The Real Runway.

Ellen has written for Dazed and Confused, VICE, Mixmag, Reality Sandwich, DRAMA Magazine, Plastique, Art Wednesday,Trendstop and WGSN

48 Hours In... St Lucia

Everything about St Lucia is green. From her lushly vegetated peaks undulating across the teardrop shaped island, to her twinkling emerald waters, it's a Caribbean paradise chock-full of geological marvels.
05/10/2017 13:57 BST

Brand Vs Farage: The Paradox

The recent ad-hom attacks at him from all sides - from his frilly vocabulary, narcotic-imbibing past to his revolving door of bedfellows - have been unjustified, most notably using the bizarre logic of apparently not being qualified to support the poor and vulnerable's causes should you be the bearer of a generously stuffed bank account.
15/12/2014 05:24 GMT

The Hackney Fashion Hub: A Temple of Consumerism Which Will Only Exacerbate the Problem It's Seeking to Heal

Fuelling the shallow, consumerist aspirational culture (which ironically is what pervades the impoverished rioting kids) by whitewashing a veneer of affluence is not the answer. It will only increase social marginalisation and frustration. East London already has Westfield in Stratford, it does not need another twinkly mecca to consumption to further alienate its poor community.
26/06/2013 14:36 BST

Bye Bye Bilderberg - It's Been Emotional...

Come out Bilderbergers, your time is up! So used to operating under the cover of darkness, away from the glare of media lenses and public scrutiny. Not any more: haha! As the last Mercedes slunk through the Grove gates on Sunday, escorting the final delegate home, I basked in what had been a weekend scoring a twofold triumph.
10/06/2013 18:06 BST

Bilderberg: Day Two

Hundreds of activists, concerned citizens and media rubbed shoulders within the entrance area of the Grove specifically allocated by Watford authorities to house them. News that David Cameron was to arrive that afternoon was the hot topic of the day and whilst unexpected, the reactions drew major eyerolls, suspicion, scorn and downright anger.
08/06/2013 23:25 BST

Bilderberg: Day One

IF you go down to the Grove today you're in for a big surprise... It's day one of Bilderberg. For the diehards - it's THE day to go to snatch the chance to witness a passing delegate zipping through the gates in a blackened Mercedes up to their weekend lair. Could it be Kissinger? Or did those mysterious silhouetted jowls belong to LinkedIn's Reid Hoffman?
07/06/2013 10:59 BST

Bilderberg 2013 Countdown: Get Ready for My Daily Bilderblog

Do you know Bilderberg? Nope? Well given the dark cloak of secrecy shrouding the shadowy annual conflab don't feel bad for not getting the memo. For the uninitiated, each year the world's elite bankers, royalty, parliamentarians and CEOs self-imprison themselves in some of the most luxurious hotels in the world for a weekend of, well, who knows...?
03/06/2013 23:12 BST

Why the US Should Not Ban Guns

I hate guns. I wish they didn't exist. But they do. In the wake of the Connecticut shootings this mass knee-jerk call to impose strict firearm laws is an understandable reaction. Unfortunately it isn't the right one.
18/12/2012 20:15 GMT

David Icke: What Went Right?

I was one of the many who scoffed and laughed at David Icke's early theories. Daft man. Wacky ideas. Consign him to the loony bin. Then I began to investigate his recent work.
29/10/2012 18:30 GMT

'It Was Good While it Lasted'

The removal of Jimmy Savile's headstone is symbolic of the public mood and the appropriate gesture to fellow deceased in neighbouring plots.
10/10/2012 18:41 BST

Samantha Brick: Open Season

I pity Samantha Brick. No, not because the poor love can't strike up a fag for the want of thousands of Zippo-clutching men leaping to her aid, nor because of all the cruel jealous bitches out there hating on her 'beauty'.
05/04/2012 15:36 BST

Girls Military Propaganda Gone Wild

Hey girls! Been double-crossed by a lowdown, dirty, cheatin' man? Wipe away those tears honey and sign-up to Uncle Sam. The Military Industrial Complex Needs YOU!
02/04/2012 14:03 BST

Why I'll be Supporting the Union's Proposed Olympic Strike

People are angry and are no longer the blind, flag-waving serfs we are expected to be by the governing elite. Contrary to Cameron, Unite's proposal to co-opt the games is patriotism personified and whether or not the strike will be executed, its proposition is something most should be getting behind. Given that sick and vulnerable patients will lie stranded in ambulances whilst a cavalcade of sponsors, dignitaries speed by in their Mercs along one of the VIP lanes, London's transport system is already pretty screwed, strike or no strike.
01/03/2012 22:59 GMT

London Fashion Week: A Clothes-Centric Microcosm Of Society's Macrocosm

I like to think London Fashion Week serves as a kind of clothes-centric microcosm of the macrocosm of society. Its incarnations, evolution and attendees each season reflect the flighty preoccupations culture places on hierarchy, artifice and worth. Which, given the wealth of design talent showcased, is a real shame.
24/02/2012 15:16 GMT

Left vs Right: Can We All Play Nicely Now?

According to the Brock University academics, conservative politics serves as a kind of 'gateway' into prejudice against others and basically those with low childhood intelligence were susceptible (read: doomed) to grow-up as racist, God-fearing homophobes.
14/02/2012 14:47 GMT