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Ellie Dawes

Online publishing dolly bird and theatre enthusiast

By day Ellie works creating digital content and chatting on social media for the charity Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.

Previously she has worked as Digital Production Editor of several successful business-to-business websites including,, and

By night she performs with and manages the online presence of Breakfast Cat Theatre Company, writes theatre blog 52 plays and reviews theatre for Remote Goat.

In between she spends her time arguing on Facebook about politics and cooking Jamie Oliver recipes. She has twice failed to get on Come Dine With Me and once refused to go on a second date with a guy because he asked her what her star sign was and she thought that was stupid.

An Open Letter to Hot Tech Today From a Woman Working in Tech

This is my friend Kim, by the way. She's a very talented Digital Producer. She builds amazing digital products using Node JS, Javascript, all that kind of complicated coding that I don't fully understand, and creates new views and templates for our Drupal CMS.
31/03/2014 14:16 BST

Fracking in Balcombe: A View From Inside the Camp

It is a brilliant camp and if you're clever enough to realise what a monumentally bad idea fracking is, I'd urge you to go down there and join them. For the day, for the weekend, even just for an evening. You'll learn about the arguments, show your support and you might be surprised to find you'll have a bloody good time.
15/08/2013 16:06 BST

Why Should We Give Prisoners the Vote?

Quite a few people who I like and respect have spoken to me recently saying something along the lines of 'Can you believe they are telling us we should give prisoners the vote? Why the hell should prisoners have the vote?'
24/05/2012 13:38 BST

Women Need Quotas Because We Also Have Michael Bay and Dennis Waterman

Women shouldn't need quotas because it's now pretty common knowledge that we are every bit as capable of doing the job as well as a man. So logically we should find ourselves equally represented in the boardroom right? We have a level playing field now. Except no, we don't.
21/03/2012 10:07 GMT

It's Not a Viral Video Until Your Mate Gets Hit by an Egg

Tonight I'm off to run around a car park in a tracksuit and fake Ugg Boots carrying an Argos DVD player. Despite living in Croydon this isn't a usual Thursday night, my theatre group are filming a video promo for <em>Macbeth</em>.
18/03/2012 21:57 GMT