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Elliot Cowan

Corporate lawyer

Elliot is a corporate lawyer in the City. His background is in
politics, having previously worked in Congress and at the Houses of
Parliament. In his spare time, he indulges his penchant of writing
short articles on current affairs. Elliot has a website, which contains tales
of his time volunteering in Africa and his travelling adventures in Asia.

The Grand Bargain

Barely a week goes past without an article being published discussing the feasibility and likelihood of an imminent Israeli attack on Iran - a matter receiving further prominence as in Baghdad this week, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (plus Germany) will meet with Iran to discuss its nuclear ambitions.
21/05/2012 22:39 BST

The Lost Generation of 2030

One future quandary may be that as difficult as life is for today's graduates, the situation may be demonstrably worse in 20 years time, and that the 'Lost Generation of 2030' may be vaster and more entrenched than its current poor relation.
30/04/2012 22:05 BST