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Elliot Miller

UCL History Graduate, National Organiser Student Rights

Elliot Miller is the National Organiser for Student Rights countering extremism on campus. He studied a BA in History at University College London (UCL). While at UCL, he was the President of the Jewish Society and a deputy for the Union of Jewish Students at the Board of Deputies.

When It Comes To Antisemitism, The NUS Just Doesn't Get It

There is an age-old cliché that students are the leaders of tomorrow, yet too many student leaders are now part of a problem which has left thousands of Jewish students without any trust in the organisation which is supposed to represent them on a national level. When the seriousness of antisemitism is trivialised in this way by those at the top of a movement, we should worry about the direction in which our society is heading.
20/10/2016 14:22 BST

Boycotting Jewish Students at UCL

When a student union passes a motion which purposefully disenfranchises hundreds of students from running for its most important positions, one can only describe such a situation as a reprehensible form of institutional discrimination.
15/03/2016 12:18 GMT