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Ellis Shuman

Israeli author, book reviewer, and travel writer

Ellis Shuman is an Israeli author, book reviewer, and travel writer who lives near Jerusalem. He was born in the United States, served three years in the Israeli army, and was a founding member of a kibbutz in Israel's southern desert. He lived for two years in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Ellis's articles, book reviews, social media tips, and travel articles have appeared in The Times of Israel, The Jerusalem Post, The Oslo Times, eTramping, Global Grasshopper, and many other sites.

You can follow Ellis and his writing on his Author's Page.

Ellis's books are:

THE BURGAS AFFAIR, a crime thriller set in Bulgaria and Israel.

VALLEY OF THRACIANS, a suspense novel set in Bulgaria.

To read more, visit his website and follow him on Twitter @ellisshuman.

The Magnificent Bahá'í Gardens Of Akko, Israel

Across the bay in Acre (Akko in Hebrew) are additional finely landscaped gardens. These surround the Shrine of Bahá'u'lláh, the final resting place of the founder of the Bahá'í faith and the religion's holiest site.
22/02/2017 16:33 GMT

Prayer Of The Mothers

Hundreds of women - Israeli and Palestinian, secular and religious, young and old - all marching in white. They marched from Metula on Israel's Lebanese border, from the Arab town of Umm al-Fahm, from Tel Aviv and from Eilat. They marched through the streets of Jerusalem; they marched to the banks of the Jordan River near the Dead Sea.
06/12/2016 12:02 GMT

Hike These Mountains To Discover How Beautiful Bulgaria Really Is

What is special about the Rila Mountains? The magnificent views, the sharp contrast between rocky peaks and fields of purple wildflowers; the ice-cold water; the sensation of walking in snow and in the warm sun; the feeling of being on top of the world. And, more than anything else, the wonder of discovering the breathtaking natural beauty of Bulgaria.
28/10/2016 10:34 BST

The Colors of Tel Aviv's Carmel Market

Tel Aviv is truly a city that never stops. With 14 kilometers of Mediterranean beachfront, promenades, sandy beaches, numerous cafes and restaurants, fancy hotels, trendy nightclubs, and endless blue horizons, Tel Aviv is a must-see destination on any visitor's Israel itinerary.
12/07/2016 13:06 BST

When in Belgium, Drink the Beer

There is much that makes a visit to Belgium an incredible experience. In addition to the role Brussels plays hosting the headquarters of the European Union, the city attracts tourists from all over the world.
30/09/2015 11:07 BST

Following the Footsteps of Orpheus

A sign declaring the birthplace of Orpheus greets visitors to the village of Gela, high in Bulgaria's southern Rhodopes Mountains.
29/07/2015 15:19 BST

I Celebrate Ramadan! on My Own. In My Backyard.

My wife and I recently attended a get-together of Jerusalem Jews and Palestinian Muslims from the neighboring villages. Thank you David Brinn for inviting me to what is a regular interfaith gathering that meets a bit irregularly. Both my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
23/06/2015 11:04 BST

You Can't Write a Novel While Driving, but...

In my other pocket was my smartphone, a phone I would only use in case of an emergency. But I was confident that I could handle the walk. Come on, guys. I do this exercise walk quite a bit and it would be better defined as a power walk. I walk quickly.
11/06/2015 14:22 BST

Five More Things You Need to Know About Twitter

Here is an example of how I found people with common interests as me. I am an author (or at least, this is how I describe myself). I have a literary agent. People who follow a literary agent are for the most part, aspiring authors like me.
08/06/2015 10:51 BST

Hope for Tomorrow at the End of the World

Antarctica is the "coldest, windiest, tallest, and most deserted continent on Earth," according to Bulgarian author Ludmila Filipova, yet it "has been alluring people for the last two centuries of human history."
22/04/2015 09:53 BST

The Day I Traveled to China and Got Doyle Brunson's Autograph

Walking around Macau, between the APT poker sessions, I visited the ruined façade of The Cathedral of St. Paul built in 1602 and the Fortaleza do Monte, the fortress with cannons aimed across the city skyline at the famous Casino Lisboa Hotel. Most of my time was spent standing behind the poker tables, rooting for the Titan Poker players.
30/03/2015 11:20 BST

Seven Reasons Why I Read Haruki Murakami

Murakami's novels are page-turners, even though they hardly contain elements of suspense and certainly cannot be defined as thrillers. There is something compelling about his writing that makes one continue to turn the pages, almost breathlessly, waiting to see just what will happen.
26/01/2015 11:50 GMT