Emily Abbey expat wife and mama, unschooling adventurer, usually lost

I’m Emily and the woman/wife/mother behind THE EXPAT MAMA.com - a blog for the modern expat woman.

THE EXPAT MAMA.com was borne out of the beginning of a new chapter in my life as up until August 2016 I had been living a very quiet life in South Devon, England with my husband of four years and our two young children. Life was the normal blur of work, pre-school runs, kiddie play dates and parties, piles of washing and – weather permitting – picnics on the beach. And then one day my husband casually slips in to the lunch time chit chat that a job opportunity had been suggested to him...in Singapore.

Exactly three months later I flew out to Singapore with our four year old son and three year old daughter to start our new life. I’d never been to Singapore before and apart from someone who was in my brothers class at primary school, I knew no one. In fact, right up until we left I wasn't even 100% sure where Singapore can be found on a world map. Not the type of person to be isolated by my lack of local know-how (or lack of foreign travel), I’m throwing myself and my family into this expat experience – culture clash, homesickness, humidity survival and all. To say this isn't like life in the UK is a huge understatement, and I'll be honest, I've been a bit lost...