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Emily Brothers

Labour 2015 Parliamentary & 2016 London Assembly Candidate; disability and LGBT campaigner


Emily Brothers was Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam in 2015. With 2,170 more votes than 2010, Emily increased Labour’s share of votes by 4.2% compared with 2010.

Not only was Emily the first blind woman to stand for Westminster, but she was Labour’s first transgender Parliamentary Candidate and has received wide acclaim for raising awareness on equality – particularly disability and LGBT issues. She is standing as a list candidate for the 2016 London Assembly Election.

Emily is a former Programme Head with the Equality and Human Rights Commission, responsible for health and local government policy.

A Union of Pride: The Case for LGBT People to Remain in Europe

Although some countries have legislated against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation in goods and services, this isn't universal across member's states. That's why it is important for UK influence to remain at the heart of the single market, to facilitate further anti-discrimination measures. It makes no sense for LGBT people to have protection at home, but subject to discrimination elsewhere in the single market. Retreating with a Brexit vote isn't going to change that unsatisfactory position.
19/06/2016 18:25 BST

Time to Flush Away Prejudice and Tackle Bullying

Livingstone and Liddle may be poles apart in character, with different motives and diverging styles, but equally provoke devastating consequences by feeding the oppressors and thus generating even more fear. It becomes a vicious circle - one that must be broken. With freedom of speech comes responsibility, not a justification to encourage nations or individuals to bully.
04/05/2016 10:28 BST

Hillsborough - Footprints to Truth and Justice

Britain claims to be proud of its justice system. That simply isn't credible, as evidence time and again challenges the credibility of such standing. It isn't good enough to get there at last and in the face of adversity. Public confidence has been seriously eroded and must be addressed by reforming the police and press.
29/04/2016 09:32 BST

How Inclusive Is London?

Whilst inequality is the Corollary to exclusion, it is much more complicated. Prejudice and resistance to change add to a toxic mix that continues to divide people and communities. That's why we must challenge ourselves, fundamentally reform and capture such elusive inclusion.
14/04/2016 14:56 BST

How Fair Is London?

The more diverse the city gets, the bigger the wealth and poverty divide becomes. That's particularly true as more women are pushed into part-time work, more ethnic minorities are pushed into low paid jobs and disabled people are consigned to benefits. Consequently, life gets economically tougher and less inclusive.
05/04/2016 13:10 BST

The Illusion of British Democracy Is Fragile

Ever since Pericles and the ancient Athenians "rule by the people, democracy has been hotly contested. It is under particular pressure today with widely diverging beliefs around the world, not least those fueled by extremism.
29/03/2016 12:23 BST

A Disabling Budget for Disabled People

George Osborne find himself feeling his way blindly out of budget chaos, 'handicapped' by yet another series of blunders. Blinkered by Tory dogma to reduce the deficit at all costs, the Chancellor delivered a disabling budget on disabled people.
23/03/2016 11:07 GMT

A Different Mindset Is Needed on Mental Health

The landscape of mental health services in England is bleak. Pressures in care reveal a stark dichotomy, from the human cost being unacceptable to funding being unaffordable. That gap must be closed.
14/03/2016 14:30 GMT

The Thread of Fairness Through Safer, Stronger and Better Off in Europe

Solidarity and internationalist principles go to the core of European Union. Yet it is the thread of fairness that binds it together, making our collective endeavour safer, stronger and better off for all. We could go further though in securing a truly 'Social Europe' to embed that fairness.
02/03/2016 15:08 GMT

An Inclusive England, Not Nationalist Rhetoric

Whilst the Tories carve up the country to serve their electoral advantage, Labour needs to meet the policy challenges of an increasingly unbalanced economy, more severe hotspots of poverty and the consequences of changing demographics.
18/02/2016 13:34 GMT

Racial Equality - Another Tory Signal to the Centre Ground

Equality isn't about treating everyone in the same way, as this clearly results in poor outcomes. It only serves those with power and resources. That may be due to institutional policies and practices, racial prejudice by some decision-makers and the unconscious bias of many decisions-makers.
04/02/2016 17:04 GMT

Response to Columnist Attacks on Trans People

As a Labour politician it isn't often that I defend a Tory. Maria Miller's past misdemeanors over expenses have been dealt with, losing her Cabinet seat. That has nothing to do with the recent Commons report on gender identity. Littlejohn's attack is just another cheap and nasty 'character assassination' in a desperate effort to undermine the report's legitimate findings.
28/01/2016 17:46 GMT