Emily Curson-Baker Nutritionist,health food specialist and nutritional cook.

Food is such a fascinating subject that can be applied to any situation whether it be a need to lose weight, wanting more energy, to feel happier or discovering new foods… such as great tasting food that is naturally healthy too!

Most of the time you will find me in the kitchen creating or maybe doing a cookery demos/ classes to share my creations with you. There's also the healthy foundations cook book and plenty of free ebooks to download from FoodAtOne's site. All photographs are taken by Emily from FoodAtOne, combining a passion for naturally healthy food and photography.

My blog is with my journey around food whether it be diving into a cook book and adapting it for food intolerances, watching an inspiring foodie film, finding healthy gems, discovering a healthy alternative and creating food that's naturally healthy and most importantly tastes great.

Training in nutrition really influenced my strong healthy foundations, understanding good healthy habits to shape our healthy lifestyles. Whether that be riffling through your cupboards, cooking at home with you, a structured food plan with recipe support or food shopping trips. There is so much to apply to strengthen our healthy foundations.

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