Emily-Jane Clark Journalist, writer, author of an antithesis to baby sleep advice (out May 2017)

I am a freelance journalist and a mother of two little girls – one lively toddler and a baby who will not go the f**k to sleep.

If you are looking for advice on how to have a contented baby or what to expect when you are expecting, then DO NOT read my website or new book (out May 2017) Sleep is for the Weak - an antithesis to baby sleep advice.

However, for some inspiration during those days where you cannot face leaving the house because you have been up all night with a child who has been awake FOREVER- then you might want to check it out!

Before I began banging on about babies, I worked as a journalist for a wide range of newspapers, magazines, websites and business publications. I wrote about everything from health issues and travel to wheelie bins and music. I also got to interview many famous(ish) people including Phil Mitchell, Chesney Hawkes (three times, lucky me) and Poirot.

These days I write words for Metro UK, goodhousekeeping.co.uk, Mirror Online and the New Statesman. I am also a scriptwriter and was a finalist in the Funny Women Awards 2016.

My blog posts have been featured as Mumsnet Blog of the Day, Netmums Blog of the Day, Scary Mommy and Mail Online.

Feel free to check out Sleep is for the Weak or follow me on Facebook.

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