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Emma Gannon

Writer, Blogger, Social Media Editor

Emma is a digital journalist and social media strategist living in London. Girl Lost In The City is Emma's popular lifestyle blog, recently selected by More! magazine in their top 10 favourite blogs and shortlisted for a 2012 Cosmopolitan Blog Award. Emma enjoys writing for Huffington Post and Hello Giggles and has written for many other publications such as Stylist and Made in Shoreditch magazine.

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Five Favourite Secret Spots of London

London is huge, and full of tourist traps. But it's also full of absolute gems waiting patiently to be discovered. The trick is to build a collection of firm favourites to plan your evenings, weekends and special occasions to get "bang for your buck.
12/01/2015 15:52 GMT

Why the Personality of the CEO Has Never Been So Important for Brands

Abercrombie & Fitch has never made me feel good. I've always left the store feeling a) robbed of money b) cold (the fabric is thin), fat (it's hard not to), and also angry in general that I'd succumbed to the societal pressures of attempting to prove I am living a certain lifestyle.
17/05/2013 17:49 BST

Is it Okay if Our Definitions of Feminism Aren't 100% the Same?

Unfortunately the question appears now to not only be "are you a feminist?" but more "are you a feminist like me?" But, I ask, do the minor details really matter that much? When asking on Twitter "what does feminism mean to you?" every single reply I received was unique.
09/01/2013 00:00 GMT

I Need an Idea, Now

We cannot come up with earth-shattering, Cannes-award-winning multi-layered global campaign over lunch. We simply cannot. We need the time and space to craft ground-breaking ideas and make them actionable, exciting and innovative.
27/11/2012 10:48 GMT

Team GB Win the Social Media Olympics

So, how did Team GB begin their big digital campaign? It started on 27 February 2012 by launching their brand new website and with it the real identity behind 'Our Greatest Team'.
04/09/2012 16:31 BST

Women's Beach Volley Ball: Sex, Hugs and Rock & Roll

Day 5. Women's Beach Volleyball. The feminist side of my brain was egging me on to complain before I even arrived. I was about to sit through three hours of a male dominated audience ogling at toned women bending over in their ready position.
03/08/2012 11:40 BST

Career Chat: How to Launch Your Own Online Fashion Magazine

This week I chatted to Hannah Rouch who started her career in fashion and beauty journalism at <em>The Sunday Telegraph's</em> <em>Stella</em> Magazine. She then went onto become the Fashion and Beauty Editor of <em>Red Online</em>. In October 2011 she launched her own online site <a href="" target="_hplink">StyleNest</a>.
08/06/2012 10:45 BST

Career Chat: ELLE's Ben Cooper Shares his Editorial Advice

Be prepared to do it for the love first. And then probably keep doing it for quite some time. Almost no one, no matter how brilliant they are as an under-graduate, walks into a role these days with a box-fresh degree in English or Journalism and no, or not much, writing experience.
03/05/2012 15:12 BST

Want to Write for Glossy Magazines? Grace Timothy Shares Her Advice

I decided to ask Grace Timothy about her story and careers advice for aspiring writers. Grace is a writer with an endless CV with titles such as <em>Vogue</em>, <em>Glamour</em> and <em>Vanity Fair</em> under her belt and years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry.
06/03/2012 10:25 GMT

Dieting: Is It Really Ever Our Own Idea?

I've never been unhappy with my weight; I've never been bullied for anything relating to body image or anything like that. So why does a part of my brain always end up scolding me every time I enjoy one too many biscuits or dip into the roast potatoes for seconds?
23/01/2012 12:44 GMT

Cyber Christmas: Does The High Street Stand A Chance?

What do you think? Is the future of retail to be solely online? Are we starting consider the high street to be a place to grab a leisurely Starbucks but not a shopping trolley? It seems that it is now more important than ever for brands to devise and implement a good e-commerce strategy in order to engage with the increasingly savvy 21st century shopper.
12/12/2011 14:04 GMT

Where Does Creativity Come From?

It is widely and quite bluntly presumed that you are either creative, or you are not. To one person a lamppost can be the inspiration behind a thriller crime-scene novel set on that particular street-lit corner; and to some one else, it might just be a lamppost.
24/11/2011 11:07 GMT

Not In My Backyard, Not In Anyone's Backyard

This sparked my curiosity. If scientific evidence strongly revealed incinerators to be dangerous, then why were governments still continuing to construct these incinerators, and why is nothing being done about it?
10/11/2011 15:37 GMT