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Emma Norris

Programme director at the Institute for Government (IfG)

How To Run The Grenfell Inquiry

Most important of all is being clear about who is responsible for ensuring that the findings of inquiries are acted upon. The Government needs to be held accountable for ensuring the findings of the Grenfell Inquiry are carried through.
14/09/2017 13:07 BST

The Caring Future of British Business?

Becoming a community hub is a challenging concept for many businesses. The existing work culture, obligations to shareholders and operational concerns can all be barriers to embracing a more community-driven way of work. But for those businesses that really embrace working with their local community the benefits can be enormous - adding value to both the economy and society.
28/02/2012 11:56 GMT

Social Attitudes Survey shows Big Society is Getting Smaller

The latest British Social Attitudes Survey shows the ties and institutions that bind us to one another are losing traction. People are becoming more self-involved. If the government does not change course and start emphasising the values, institutions and rights we have in common, people will become more individualistic and atomised, and our 'big' society will start to feel very, very small.
08/12/2011 13:59 GMT

Society Must Find Ways Better to Support Young People

The recent riots that have escalated throughout the country - predominantly instigated by angry youths - are prompting some commentators to lament a 'lost generation' of young people who have resorted to such acts because they feel they have nothing left to lose.
10/08/2011 23:05 BST