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Emma Williamson

Copywriter, Marketing Consultant, Avid tea lover, Blogger, Stalker!

Who doesn't love to tell a story!

Once upon a time.....Kidding! I'm Emma, and I run a marketing consultancy called Make a Cup of Tea, based in Cranfield, Bedfordshire! I help clients with anything from marketing, to content writing to website reviews and marketing strategies; or if they are really desperate to get out of the office, I source a great cup of tea!

How Your Working Schedule Changes When It Is Half-Term!

I've sectioned a typical day as an example, showing your 'normal' working schedule (we will call this day 'relief') and how it compares to the 'children' working schedule when it is the holiday period (I've called this day 'demand').
31/05/2017 14:21 BST

He Was Alive: How Our Quiet Child Glowed With Confidence!

Our little man, the second youngest of a family of six, is the quietest one out of them all. He is the kid who very rarely gets told off, but when he does, you feel traumatised for doing so. His whole face breaks but he makes no sound and you are left feeling guilty for something he has done!
03/04/2017 15:10 BST

A Home Or A Distraction?

One day I woke up and thought, I think I should work from home permanently. That day I signed myself up to a different world. Working from home can be extremely challenging. It can be difficult to concentrate when the whole house is in a state of disarray (especially when you have four kids and it's minutes before school run).
09/03/2017 15:59 GMT

Single And Motivated - But Are You Happy?

It's 37 minutes past seven in the evening and I'm wondering if I should write about a slightly taboo topic. Taboo because no-one wants to receive the backlash of opinions when speaking for or against single parenthood!
07/03/2017 15:42 GMT

So What Do You Do?

Do I tell them how, every morning I get up, get ready, wake my partner and four children up and try and nag them out of bed to go to work/school, whilst making breakfast, emptying the dishwasher and respond to half a dozen of email before 8am?
06/03/2017 14:24 GMT