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Eve Barlow

Deputy Production Editor at Q, MOJO and Empire magazines

Eve Barlow is the Deputy Production Editor at Q, MOJO and Empire magazines. She also writes for Q and Empire. Eve tweets about everything from Dalston Superstars to the best method of getting Lana Del Rey’s look. Which, if you can’t afford collagen, is to put a massive green chili pepper in your mushroom stirfry.

Help Save Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Let's imagine the point of this movie now, darling. The angle. Consider this, sweetheart: It's the recession. That awful thing making us more guilty when we spend spend spend. Eddie and Patsy are in a bad place because Eddie doesn't understand money
29/11/2011 22:19 GMT

Driven Mad By the X Factor

However many hours it takes to watch a series of <em>X Factor</em>, I have to double it. Let me explain...
26/11/2011 00:40 GMT