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Felix Riley

Author of The Set Up

Author of The Set Up. Former City worker and entrepreneur.

Nothing Has Changed On Wall Street

MF Global say they can't account for $600 million plus of client monies. Their position is "it will turn up". I kid you not. In this day and age any financial company anywhere should know its entire at-risk position and the whereabouts of all monies at the press of a button.
04/11/2011 22:34 GMT

Al Capone and the Met

The vast majority of police officers do their job in good faith and deserve the support and respect of society. But without trust they become nothing but a shadowy arm of the security services. The Met's attitude to outright corruption in its ranks is, at it's kindest, complacency, at its worst a manifestation of that corruption.
21/07/2011 13:10 BST