Fiona Kirk Nutritionist and author

If you want to start losing weight today and continue losing weight every day until you reach your fat loss goal, nutritionist and author, Fiona Kirk has the answers. She has been helping people fight the flab for years.

It's not as hard as many would have us believe and it's not about living on bean sprouts, meagre portions and going without the foods we love. Fiona writes about fat loss, talks about fat loss, keeps up to date with the latest research into accelerating fat loss and most importantly, keeps it simple which is why her diets work for so many. Making massive changes to our eating, shopping and cooking habits is hard for most of us to maintain for longer than a couple of weeks and results in little other than frustration, hunger and cravings for pizza and pastries. Why risk it? When we learn a little about why the body stores fat rather than burns it and make a few changes we can see fast and lasting results.

Her first book, So What the F*** Should I Eat? cuts through the diet confusion being hurled at us from all sides and offers readers an opportunity to assess their own priorities before designing a diet and eating strategy that suits their lifestyle and tastes with an abundance of food suggestions, workable dietary tactics and recipes.

Her second book, 2 Weeks in the Fast Lane (also available in ebook format) is a 14 day diet that promises fast fat loss and concentrates on what successful dieters do to achieve rapid and lasting results. Tired of the continuing negatives ‘quick fix’ diets attract, Fiona’s aim is to give her readers positive solutions to help them rediscover their waistlines in just two weeks and spur them on to continue until they reach their goal and well into the future.

Following the success of So What the F*** Should I Eat?, Fiona recently published Eat, Live and Lose the Flab, an updated digital version of her first book. Can we really lose 10 pounds in 5 days? Does eating fat really make us thin? Why does the appetite switch that tells us we can’t eat any more steak not tell us we shouldn’t cram in another slice of pizza? Is wheat the enemy for fat loss? Is sugar to blame for our globally-increasing waistlines? These are just some of the questions she answers in her own inimitable no-nonsense style.

Soup Can Make You Thin is Fiona’s latest ebook. Move aside cabbage, this 10 day Flab-Fighting Soup Diet with delicious and nutritious SuperSkinny soups to choose from targets fat loss from day one, enabling readers to shed pounds fast. Covering the latest research into why soup is a ‘miracle in a bowl’ for weight loss and peak health, the book also provides a selection of Skinny and FatBustForever soup recipes and there is a complementary website, where readers can keep up to date with soup suggestions, soup news and general soupy gossip.