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Frank Field

Labour MP for Birkenhead

Labour MP for Birkenhead

Last Night I Voted To Implement The Referendum Result - Building A Successful Brexit Starts Now

I voted in the early hours of this morning for a Bill that we had before us which was to implement the result of the EU referendum. I did so because the majority of my constituents voted in the referendum to leave the EU. I did so also because a majority of the country voted to leave the EU. There is a real issue in the Bill of a possible power grab by the Government. All of our natural sentiments are right in being suspicious as to what the Government is up to. But this was not a good enough reason to be voting against the whole Bill.
12/09/2017 15:06 BST

Never in the Post-War Period Has Hunger Presented Itself as Such a Major Political Issue

The image of our fellow citizens queueing out of desperation for help from a food bank became a defining symbol of life at the bottom of the pile under the coalition, although this life at the bottom had begun under Labour. It became increasingly clear in the second half of the parliament, therefore, that if any issue were to present itself as the coalition's soft underbelly, it would be hunger.
07/08/2015 14:38 BST

Creating a Blueprint for Local Action Against Hunger

I set up just over a year ago a cross-party inquiry with two objectives: first, to try and find out why so many people - some 600,000 across Britain - have to rely on their local food bank to stave off hunger; and second, to come up with some solutions which might begin to ameliorate their circumstances.
22/06/2015 11:02 BST