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Undecided Voters: Cretins, Duplicitous Cretins or Attention Seeking Cretins?

There are many things in this world that I find vexing, some of greater import than others. Come election time there is nothing I find more vexing than the undecided voter. Does such a creature truly exist, one week out from an election? I don't buy it for a second, It is my believe that anyone telling you they are an undecided voter at this stage falls into one of three easily defined categories.
05/05/2015 15:12 BST

Chicken, Dave? Not So Much!

Chicken Dave, Cowardly Cameron those are two phrases that I have typed and uttered repeatedly to describe our out esteemed PM since this television debate farce began. The truth though is that I have never considered his avoidance tactics to be driven by a fear of going toe to toe in a debate with Ed Miliband.
18/03/2015 11:47 GMT

Trayvon Martin and Black on Black Racial Profiling

As I have spent more time thinking about the injustice of racial profiling, I have come to a sad and disturbing realisation. Somewhere along the line in my 35 years on this planet, I have gone from being the victim of racial profiling, to being both a victim and a perpetrator of racial profiling.
26/03/2012 23:02 BST

Following Clegg Off a Cliff

Almost two years ago I struggled to see the upside of a five year coalition deal for the Lib Dems and as the coalition government stands ready to pass the NHS reform bill and strong rumours abound about a cut in the 50p top rate of tax, today I fear for the future of the Lib Dem party.
18/03/2012 18:44 GMT

National Crisis, Voices of Authority Needed, (Step forward Rio and Rooney)!!

Is government to blame, were the police too lax, was it gang culture or poor parenting that made so many young people go out and loot? I am sure these questions will be asked for a week or two, until the next media feeding frenzy comes along or until we settle upon an explanation that will mollify the great British public.
15/08/2011 17:14 BST

Rights and Responsibilities of the Black Community

One of the points made in that previous blog was a feeling that the media was only interested in hearing from black or other ethnic minorities when problems occurred in those communities. Well I can't complain about a lack of black faces on TV over the last 3 to 4 days now. What I have been seeing over the last 4 days are attempts by Black politicians, community leaders and community workers to explain something that many of them do not really seem to grasp that well themselves.
09/08/2011 23:35 BST