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Graham Matthews

Regular contributor to and Zero Tolerance magazine

Graham is 23 and spends a lot of time writing about football and music. He is a regular contributor to and Zero Tolerance magazine and despite being a Chelsea fan since birth feels compelled to follow his local clubs Leeds and Barnsley too.

Why There'll Definitely Be One Premier League Sacking in November

Like the current extended summer we've experienced in the UK, the fate of Premier League managers appears to be undergoing a similar process. Any day now the temperature is sure to drop ten degrees and the first managerial departure is expected to arrive with it.
05/11/2014 17:13 GMT

Southampton Show That Buying Smart Is Better Than Buying Big

With the money brought in from selling Luke Shaw, Calum Chambers, Adam Lallana and the rest, Southampton could easily have made at least one big name signing. Much like Angel Di Maria's arrival at Old Trafford, it would have settled a few anxious nerves and signalled their intention to not let the loss of their manager and key players deter them after an excellent year.
22/10/2014 16:42 BST

Why Burnley Are Doomed for Relegation

When Burnley first entered the Premier League back in 2009 they may have been relegated finishing 18th, but at least Turf Moor became somewhat intimidating as they won their first four fixtures at home. So far two draws and a defeat hasn't set them up anywhere near as well as for that season, and they went back down then!
02/10/2014 17:17 BST

Could Liverpool Be a Champions League Dark Horse?

Liverpool haven't been handed the easiest return with a group featuring last season's champions Real Madrid, Swiss Super League winners FC Basel and new boys Ludogorets. It's a group they can realistically get out of though and will hope the fear factor of their historic European standing will unnerve the latter of those two, especially for home matches.
16/09/2014 17:17 BST

Predicting How England's Euro 2016 Campaign Will (Probably) Unfold

England go off to the Euros and rather than the media being overly optimistic or pessimistic they choose a new tack of just focusing on it being the youngest England squad ever. Alan Hansen's famous comment "you can't win anything with kids" is reiterated thousands of times. Unfortunately, in this case the Scot is right as another quarter-final exit beckons.
10/09/2014 17:31 BST

Five Premier League Clubs Whose Seasons Were Disrupted by Injured Signings

Managers have been taking risks by signing injured players or those with a lengthy injury history for a while now, as well as being desperately unlucky when they pick one up soon after arriving. Here are five recent signings who, had they stayed fit, could have drastically improved their club's season.
26/08/2014 15:59 BST

Five Premier League Players Under Immense Pressure to Perform This Season

Every player in the Premier League is under pressure to be at their best all the time, but each club always has those one or two players whom the fans expect that little bit extra from... this season's Premier League has a few players who will need to be firing on all cylinders from the off to win over the fans and help their team succeed.
15/08/2014 16:24 BST