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Hannah Cox

Minimalist Adventurer

Hello! My Name is Hannah. I am a Minimalist Adventurer and Business Owner.
I’m 33 years old and everything I own fits into a 45l backpack and a day rucksack.

I write lifestyle articles that express the importance of your well-being, family, friendships, education, travel, adventure and doing work that you love.

My focus is helping people create a life they love with practical help, solutions, and advice at betternotstop.

In March 2017 I left the UK to travel overland through eighteen countries to reach Bhutan on an Expedition we have called ‘Road To Happiness’. This trip is a Royal Geographical Society Expedition. I want to discover and document how to make a happier world. We post weekly trip updates on our website.

I have also have Tattoo art Brand & shop in Manchester, UK with one of my best friends Kate called Stag & Raven.

Dr Derren Brown?

As an avid viewer of his work and stage shows I have been amused, confused and downright bamboozled by him as a showman for years. Like all great artists the moment you think you have worked him out he smashes out a curveball.
02/11/2012 13:02 GMT