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Hannah Wallis

Opinionated. Twenty-something. Oblivious as to the whereabouts of my keys

Opinionated. Twenty-something. Oblivious as to the whereabouts of my keys.

An Open Letter to Commuters Everywhere

Don't discuss your recent surgical procedures with your neighbour. There's (probably) a time and a place for chats about the removal of ovarian cysts, but the 06.59 to King's Cross ain't one of them.
17/11/2011 13:04 GMT

On Nobel Prizes, and why Girls Should eat Cake in History Lessons

It was with fascination that I listened to Radio 4's profile last week of Jocelyn Bell Burnell - the scientist whose claim to fame is being passed over for the Nobel Prize for physics, despite being the person who discovered pulsars. Rather, it was awarded to her male colleague instead.
03/11/2011 14:58 GMT

"Dulce et decorum est"... to Wear a Poppy

It's impossible to know even a fraction of the personal stories, or the tales of individual acts of patriotism and valour that went on in those four horrendous years, and with the death of Harry Patch in 2009, the First World War has now all but passed out of living memory. But that doesn't mean that we can't be grateful for the collective, incalculable sacrifice that was made so that we've got freedom now.
27/10/2011 14:31 BST

Girls Rule. Or at Least, they Should Have the Option to

The issue of whether girls are entitled to inherit - be it the throne, a title, or a whacking great pile somewhere in the heart of Berkshire floggable to passing film crews - isn't one that'll affect most of us on a personal level. And yet I still find it shocking that it's taken until 2011 for it to come up as a parliamentary issue.
22/10/2011 00:17 BST