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Harmeet Kaur Sidhu

Mostly in Mexico, Mothering Three

Scribblings started in London during the early 'nineties with hopes of penning her way into the Rock-Star arena. Harmeet is now mothering five-year-old twin boys and a two-year-old girl in the semi-desert of the central Mexican highlands. Having just celebrated ten years of sunny living, she popped the cork by starting 'Five In The Bed', a blog recording their escapdes and watering the big dreams.

Let's Talk Tulum - Believe The Hype!

When we drove up the highway to heaven, I had my face pressed up to the glass, trying to car-window-shop to determine where we would be dining during the days (and nights) to come.
14/11/2016 11:16 GMT

I Fell In Love With San Pedro - The Phoenix, La Isla Bonita

Returning to land after such an incredible adventure was made easier by the fact that we were returning to The Phoenix. The enormous suites provide you with the space and amenities to completely relax, and the Happy Hour at the bar brings guests together to exchange stories of their 'UnBelizeable' adventures.
31/10/2016 16:09 GMT

Putting Down Roots In Belize - Ka'ana, Cayo District

Andee picked us up from Belize International airport and our 90 minute drive to San Ignacio in Western Belize commenced. We couldn't have wished for a more engaging and informative person to chat and joke with whilst gaining an insight to the new country that we had just entered.
24/10/2016 13:34 BST

Is This The Most Amazing Kids Club Ever?

Stepping into Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach, Cancun was like stepping into a scene of an old romantic movie. Huge vases of flowers gave a still focus to the gentle flow of hotel life and the grand stained-glass ceiling gave the grand lobby a warm and magical glow
19/10/2016 11:30 BST

Three Ways To Literally Rock Your Holiday In Cancun

The Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun will rock your holiday into next week (or the next fortnight depending on how long you're staying for). It has the crazily-perfect Caribbean sea, party pools, cool cocktails, fine food, super stage shows and hydro-spa tub in your Hard Rockstar suite, but it includes something far more electrically exciting than most all-inclusives on the hotel strip... Guitars!!
04/10/2016 10:56 BST

The Pirates And Treasures Of Campeche

It's not quite the Caribbean, but sitting on the Gulf of Mexico, the Mexican city of Campeche has more than its fair share of pirate stories to share. The main tourist strip of Campeche city, the pedestrianised street Calle 59, is bookended with two city gates; 'Puerta del Mar' and 'Puerta de la Terra'.
27/09/2016 11:56 BST

Independence On An Island - Incredible Isla Mujeres

This year, we found ourselves in on a small and paradisaical island in the Caribbean sea, Isla Mujeres, just a 20-minute ferry ride from Cancun. Festivities were just a fraction of those that we were used to, but the island life gifted us a dreamlike independence that we shall treasure forever.
20/09/2016 11:55 BST

Bliss In Maroma, Mexico - White Sand And Kaftans

Bliss. From the second that we stepped into our oceanfront one-bedroom suite at Belmond Maroma Resort and Spa, I knew that we had stepped into a beach experience like no other we had previously known, and that maybe, just maybe, all other beach holidays would score second, at best.
09/09/2016 12:12 BST

Magic By The Museum - Mood Swings & Moonlight in Merida, Mexico

Travelling, apart from my family, is what I love most in life. I have the kind of soul that just wants to keep on going. To just turn around the next corner and react to whatever I will find there. Hoping that my kids will share in this love affair of mine, I take them with me wherever it is I go
31/08/2016 13:13 BST

Meeting Brits Abroad... Do You Enjoy It?

Two kids walked by, a good ten paces behind them, their father. "They're English, " my husband turned to me to state. The mother followed, her eyes met mine, there was a shy, friendly sparkle in her face and I knew hubby was right.
25/08/2016 13:06 BST

What on Earth? I'm Hiding-Out in Hacienda El Carmen‏

When it came to leaving, the converted stable room quarters had begun the feel like home. Hacienda El Carmen had given me what I was looking for, an escape from the ugliness that the world can hold, and an embrace with a magnificence that is far more than a weekend escape.
12/08/2016 16:54 BST

A Family Gap Year Begins - Let's go to Guadalajara!‏

My husband worked his last day as a teacher in a primary school the day before my birthday. The kids had finished up their year at that very same school just a few days before that. They will not be returning when school resumes later this year... We are taking a gap year!
28/07/2016 13:43 BST

Travelling With Young Children: It's Not to Make Marvellous Memories‏

Why do I choose to travel so much with my young children? I want to share this love for what is available and possible in the world. I want to see their already big and sparkly eyes widen at brickwork bridges to admire river views upon, to share in their choices as they salivate over fabulous flavours in a gelato parlour.
13/06/2016 11:16 BST