Harry Deansway Man of letters for no numbers

Harry Deansway is a writer, director, performer, producer, promoter, venue owner and whatever else you want him to be for the right fee. Renaissance man. Impresario. Bit of a twat. Just some of the words he has used to describe himself in this bio. Harry has worked in the comedy industry for eight years and in that time has published and edited the UK’s longest running nationally distributed comedy magazine The Fix, been the comedy editor for the Guardian Guide, directed several sell out critically acclaimed shows and got himself into thousands of pounds worth of debt and fallen out with all his family members and friends in the process.

His most recent projects include setting up the online comedy site Raybot.tv and full time comedy club Deansways. Empirical evidence and recent bank statements suggest he is wasting his time with the whole comedy thing. He doesn’t know why he has written this bio in the third person.

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