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Hattie Crisell

Editor of My Redoute Magazine, freelance writer and gadabout

Hattie Crisell spends three days a week as the Editor of My Redoute Magazine for French fashion brand La Redoute, and the rest of her time writing, eating and pottering around London. She loves fashion, cinema and ballet; once a week she dons her own ballet shoes and spends an hour doing very clumsy pirouettes in a room full of similarly unfit twenty-somethings.

She was previously editor of 4Beauty, Channel 4's fashion and beauty website, and was recently selected as one of Broadcast Magazine's Hot Shots.

Is Online Dating a Blessing or a Curse?

This week, researchers at the University of Rochester released <a href="" target="_hplink">findings on the topic of online dating</a>. Among other conclusions (some positive), they found that it encourages a 'shopping mentality', and an unhealthy, unrealistic search for a 'soulmate'.
12/02/2012 18:34 GMT

Downton Abbey: The Movie? No Thanks

The <em>Sun</em> reports <em>Downton Abbey</em> writer Julian Fellowes was "virtually mobbed" by film executives after the show picked up a major award at the Golden Globes on Sunday. From the tone of the article, it sounds like a movie version of the ITV drama is pretty much a certainty... Well, you can count me out.
19/01/2012 22:09 GMT