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Hattie Gladwell

A passionate writer and creator of

I'm a 19 year old writer and creator of - a blog for those looking to gain self confidence and embracing their bodies.

Having undergone emergency surgery for an ileostomy bag following Ulcerative Colitis, I now spend my time writing about the cause, and things I have experienced throughout recovery.

I'm an active campaigner for Crohn's & Colitis UK and work with many different ostomy outlet's to help raise awareness for Ostomy and Irritable Bowel Disease.

Ten Things I Thought I'd Know By The Time I Was 20

I think 20 is that age that really makes you realise you're an adult. 18, sure, you're legal, you can go out, clubbing, drinking... in the UK anyway. But at 18, you're still excused for, like "oh, she's only 18, she doesn't know any better!" whereas at 20, it's sort of more frowned upon when you do something that perhaps you should've grown out of...
29/07/2015 22:48 BST

Why Young Women NEED Better Medical Attention - Stop Blaming "Women's Troubles!"

It was only a month ago that I was crouched over my bed in excruciating pain. After three more hospital visits, I was told I was experiencing gastroenteritis. I didn't believe anything they said anymore. I knew my body and I knew there was something wrong. Something serious. After one more visit to the doctors surgery, I was sent into hospital with suspected appendicitis. I was then admitted, and one week later.. I was coming around from emergency Ileostomy Surgery.
05/07/2015 23:43 BST

What It Feels Like to Be Cut Open and Have Your Insides Taken Out

Although I felt different after the surgery, I'm surprised at how normal my body feels. I genuinely did think I'd notice I have such a large part of me missing. But I guess when you compare it to the rest of your body, it's really not that bad. And when you come to think of it, I don't think anything is really that bad. Not when you're alive.
26/06/2015 17:37 BST

11 Thoughts Everyone Has When They Have An Ostomy

There's a number of things that go through your head when you have an ostomy, some good, some bad... some you just never expected to have at all! I rounded up a few other ostomists to see which thoughts had most stood out to them since having an ostomy.
17/06/2015 10:54 BST

Seven Things You Probably Didn't Know About Bulimia

From 2010 to 2013 I suffered quite badly with bulimia. I was always of average weight, so no body really looked at me any differently or noticed. It ended up getting quite bad, to the point where I was hospitalised at the end of 2011 with pneumonia and a collapsed lung - caused by the vomit that had been trapped in my chest area from purging all the time.
11/06/2015 15:18 BST

My Ostomy Bag Won't Limit My Underwear Choices!

I'm really angry at myself for putting myself down that day, and letting myself feel so negatively towards my body. But I'm so grateful I was able to step out of that so quickly. I felt really positive for the rest of the day, and waited for my boyfriend to finish work - in my new underwear (makeup done and everything)!
05/06/2015 10:47 BST

Why Your Sex Life Matters More When You Have a Stoma

I'm not talking about one night stands and I'm not talking about a major porn-style session. I'm talking about the feeling of acceptance. From one person to another. Sex is something that brings two people together in a way like no other. And to have sex after surgery for a stoma is a big thing both mentally and emotionally.
01/06/2015 16:56 BST

I Thought Ileostomy Surgery Meant My Boyfriend Would Leave Me

I made him leave the room when the nurses would come to change my bag, with my mum guarding the door until she'd finished. I made sure not to take my top off around him or expose my stomach. I was certain that in order to still be pretty to him i'd have to be fully clothed at all time.
28/05/2015 17:40 BST