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Heidi Eldridge

Chairman, Mama Academy

MAMA Academy aims to reduce baby loss by educating mums on health in pregnancy and assisting midwives in keeping up to date with latest guidelines. The professionals side of our site has been accredited by The Royal College of Midwives.

Why Have So Many Gone Too Soon?

After experiencing the devastation and pain of giving birth but not bringing my son home from hospital, I eventually decided to tackle baby loss so my son's very short life would not be in vain.
25/04/2016 11:10 BST

Can Stillborn Babies Save Others Babies Lives?

At the hospital our worst fears were confirmed. "I'm so sorry, he's gone" the sonographer said. The pain and heartache can't be described. The shock lived within us for several months as we wanted to know why our baby boy was gone so soon.
26/01/2016 15:32 GMT

Should We Discuss Baby Loss With Pregnant Women?

One of the greatest advantages to not sweeping baby loss under the carpet is to raise awareness among pregnant women in a positive way with what they can do personally to increase their chances of a successful pregnancy:
14/10/2015 17:20 BST

What Should Expectant Women Know During Pregnancy?

Good antenatal education can empower pregnant women to be confident, calm and clear about what is happening to them when the time comes to meet their new arrival. It should also ensure women have the knowledge they need for a healthy pregnancy to give their baby the best possible chance of arriving safely.
04/11/2014 13:10 GMT

The UK Could Reduce Stillbirth By a Quarter

Since appearing on GMB, people have asked me "If there's a training programme which saves babies, why isn't it made mandatory? I didn't think stillbirth was preventable". I didn't think stillbirth was preventable either but I also didn't realise how common it was or how the UK has one of the highest stillbirth rates in the developed world. Until it happened to me.
14/07/2014 11:39 BST

Call The Midwife! International Day of the Midwife - 5th May 2013

The 5th of May is International Day of the Midwife and the UK should be supporting midwives and other maternity professionals more so now than ever before. Why? Because there is currently a baby boom, a shortage of 5,000 midwives and the UK has one of the worst stillbirth rates in the developed world according to the 2011 Lancet report.
03/05/2013 16:05 BST

New Movie Being Made to Help Save Babies Lives!

Anyone in the world can pledge any amount they would like (min £1) towards the funding of the film and in return can select from a variety of rewards, ranging from a simple social media 'shout out', a copy of the new ebook '24weekers: The Story', through to a non-speaking role in the film and dinner with the director and some of the cast!
27/11/2012 15:57 GMT

Raising Awareness for World Prematurity Day

Sadly 15 million babies are born before 37 weeks resulting in 1.1 million babies dying every year around the globe. The staggering fact is that reports show around 75% of these deaths could be prevented with better health education and medical care.
16/11/2012 17:12 GMT