Helen Colclough Former shop girl. Ex management consultant. Current ecommerce manager. Not yet tired of London

By day I'm an ecommerce operations manager living in London. By night I'm ....an ecommerce operations manager sitting in front of the TV in London. I can normally be found (ranting) writing under the pseudonym 'twosaqueue' about ecommerce, usability and customer service. Retail is usually my thing...

Just to mix it up a bit, this summer I decided to set myself the challenge of getting off the sofa and into a boxing ring by joining a group of guys who are spending four months training for a charity white collar boxing event. With zero boxing experience, just-about-walking-up-stairs levels of fitness and a lifelong dislike of joining in I'll be mainly writing about the journey from ropey to ropes.

For retail geekery check out my blog or follow me on twitter at @twosaqueue. For more gin and cheese, I mean ahem - protein shake and boxing based tweets find me at @helenc12.

I'm also a part of the Digital Dogooders -who do a charity skydive on the 26th of October, sponsor us here:

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