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Himaya Quasem

ActionAid’s editorial officer

Himaya Quasem is ActionAid’s editorial and stories officer. She gathers real-life stories from communities around the world. She has interviewed women on issues from maternal mortality in Vietnam and Rohingya refugees fleeing persecution in Myanmar to mothers struggling to feed their children in drought-ravaged Somaliland.

How Trump's Stance On Climate Change Could Affect The World's Poorest Women

Taslima will probably never see the chaos that has descended upon Washington D.C. as the world's most powerful man issues edicts that fling multiple lives into disarray. But the stance that United States President Donald Trump takes on climate change in the coming days will affect her nonetheless.
03/02/2017 16:40 GMT

Worlds Apart: A Girl's Eye View of Hunger

Nimah's family has lost 25 of their 35 sheep to the drought. If the remaining sheep are lost it could tip the family into destitution. Without livestock they will have nothing to eat or trade with. This prospect makes Nimah fear for her younger siblings.
06/05/2016 16:57 BST

Hunger Hurts: How Would Nigella Feed a Family During a Drought?

The young women I met in Somaliland worry about the same things I do, but they are feeling fear instead of relief. Hunger is hurting families in Somaliland. Women, girls and mothers deserve our support. It's time to act before things get worse.
21/04/2016 17:25 BST