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Iain Mahony

Personal Trainer

Iain worked as a chef in a Michelin-starred restaurant and in the city before embarking on a career in the health industry. These careers have given him a genuine appreciation of the constraints and pressures that clients have to contend with; it also allows for sensible and achievable goal setting.

All sessions are designed to match your individual goals and lifestyles. The prime emphasis is to pick a strategy that will keep you motivated.
The goals are simple; to get clients leaner, healthier and - most importantly - happy.

Make a Realistic Resolution for 2015

It's easy to understand why we struggle with the way we look. The prevailing idea that everyone can and/or should have a faultless physique, flawless skin, white teeth and boundless self confidence is corrosive to the majority who don't look or feel like that.
13/01/2015 11:30 GMT

Keep It Simple - Five Top Tips for a Fit and Fun 2015

I have devoted even more time than normal to reading the array of newspaper and magazines health guides for 2015 - detoxing, exercising and dieting has never been this complicated, costly and time consuming. As someone who has a bad habit of gilding the lily myself, here is a simplified guide to what you should do...
04/01/2015 21:11 GMT

Stress, Calories and Fat

Hormones also have a huge impact on fat loss. The calories you eat are processed, stored and utilized very differently depending on your hormone balance. Someone who is stressed, tired, dehydrated and eating inappropriate foods for their body type (irrespective of calories) will not have optimal digestion, absorption or body composition.
24/07/2013 11:23 BST

Ten Top Fat Loss Tips for Summer

As many of us are preparing our bodies for the beach; or at least trying to shift our wobbly bits in order to don t-shirt and shorts with a smile, I've put together some simple tips to help you lose fat, feel healthier, and earn that ice cream next time we're enjoying a weekend heat wave.
21/06/2013 00:33 BST

The Secret Ingredients to Fat Loss

These culinary tips will not only help make 'clean' food more interesting and tasty, but will also have a positive impact on your mission to lose fat. Whilst some of these points may not seem directly correlated with fat loss, it is far easier to lose bodyfat if your digestive system, joints and immune system are all working as efficiently as possible.
05/06/2013 17:33 BST

Confessions of a Personal Trainer

I have written before that stress will eventually lead to people, who are normally vigilant with their diet, going 'tonto' - and losing control. Check: there is a wonderful photo of me gazing amorously at a slice of pizza like it is Monica Belluci. I didn't meet a single carb that I didn't like in Spain. Once I started eating badly, I didn't stop.
07/04/2013 23:46 BST

Training for Fat Loss - My 10 Key Tips

I always look at each client as an individual. How many carbohydrates they should eat, what type of training will work best for them (the balance of resistance and cardiovascular training, suitable rep ranges) and many other factors.
14/03/2013 14:37 GMT

Why You Should Eat Your Greens

People look at me with confusion when they see the amount of kale and broccoli in my trolley - five a day is not wrong but it is certainly not right either. Make it your mission to eat that and more. If you are serious about being lean, happy and healthy these are essential.
15/02/2013 17:36 GMT

Fat Loss, Diet, Hormones and Your Health

Where you store fat is the key to understanding your hormones. This in turn reveals how you should eat, train, and live to have optimal body composition and, ultimately, be as healthy as possible.
06/02/2013 17:22 GMT

Fat Loss And Exercise Regimes - Everyone's Different

You might argue that if everyone ate less and did more exercise then they would lose weight. In my experience, it is not that simple. Many people try in vain to lose fat because they are not following the most suitable system for their needs.
29/01/2013 22:07 GMT

Common Fat Loss Pitfalls, Part Two

The beauty of losing fat/building muscle is that it is a science. In this blog, I will explain why I am not a fan of redundant 'cardio', why men should change their workouts more and also make an impassioned plea for women to start resistance training.
23/01/2013 08:32 GMT

Common Fat Loss Pitfalls

You are also more likely to succeed if you borrow an idea from the bodybuilding community. Have planned cheat meals (if deserved) every five-seven days and you are far likelier to succeed in the long term.
14/01/2013 18:13 GMT

Surviving the Festive Period

Alcohol is ubiquitous at this time of year. Abstinence may make you feel virtuous but can also be dull. If you do drink, I'd advocate men avoiding beer. Beer increases levels of an enzyme called aromatase. This converts testosterone into oestrogen and leads to fat deposition around the pectoral - the dreaded man boobs. Stick to a few glasses of good quality red wine instead.
23/12/2012 23:08 GMT