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Imogen Clements

Freelance writer, random ruminator, abstract artist

A novice country dweller who gave up comfortable media job and cushy dual-income-no-kids existence to relocate to Devon from London’s Notting Hill, have twins, live off the land etc...

Has written features for a range of national publications including Marie Claire, The Telegraph and The Lady as well as numerous regional titles. Is a columnist for Devon Life and a blogger - Rhubarb Rhubarb is a lighthearted stream-of-consciousness blog on a range of issues.

Also paints abstract works on commission in accordance with required colour schemes at

An Olympic Legacy That's All My Own

Just when you thought it was all over, the newsstands are heaving with souvenir editions of our beloved Olympics and I can feel the love again.
20/08/2012 13:07 BST

Spontaneity - A Cautionary Tale

This is a long story, but needs telling for personal therapeutic reasons and, I believe, altruistic ones. There are others that may learn from my mistakes.
04/04/2012 16:53 BST

Philip Gould - a Little Person's Eulogy

Here was this man, shambolic, frenetic, accessible and devoid of the loftiness that often pervaded senior editorial teams (even at the <em>Express</em>) and senior management, who was more influential than any of them - he really did have the ear of the prime minister.
22/11/2011 11:57 GMT

James Corden - Comedy Guvnor

James Corden is comedy gold dust. Watching him I was reminded of the greats - chaplin, cooper, laurel, hardy, even the boundless physicality of lee evans came to mind. Corden does farce as good as it gets.
17/09/2011 13:01 BST

Boris Johnson - Don't Underestimate the Power of Funny

The Mayoralty is up for re-election next year and there's a chance that Boris may not get to open his beloved Olympics, instead forced to hand ye flamin' torch over to arch rival Ken. I have a feeling it won't happen, that he'll stay in. Because there's a little bit about his innate comedy that infects, and that's what people want more of right now, amidst all the gloom.
05/08/2011 12:38 BST