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Ingrid Chua

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger- TheBagHagDiaries.Com

Born in Manila, Philippines, educated in San Francisco, and having had work experience in an international television network in Hong Kong has allowed Ingrid to pursue two things she is passionate about: writing stories and traveling. She went from traditional media (Associate News Producer for TV, Managing Editor of a Weddings Magazine) to online publishing-- Ingrid became a fashion and lifestyle blogger. She started a blog October 2005 and has been maintaining it since then. Having worked on a few writing projects with Ermenegildo Zegna online, Ingrid has also been a content contributor for both and Harrods of London. Today, she maintains a newspaper column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, is the producer and presenter of her television show, The Bag Hag Diaries on Star World (a Fox International Channels affiliate), and regularly shares content across her social media channels (Instagram: @thebaghag // Twitter: @thebaghag // Snapchat: The_Baghag // Facebook: The Bag Hag Diaries)

Designer Jonathan Riss: The Modern Day Renaissance Man Behind Label Jay Ahr

Belgian- born designer Jonathan Riss has always had a proclivity for beautiful design and intricate detail. At 18, he had wanted to become an architect and contemplated on a move to New York. Ever the artistic nomad though, he disliked the thought of being geographically static while going through formal education. And so he travelled- to learn.
10/12/2013 16:43 GMT

One on One with Carolina Herrera in Singapore

"For Singapore's Audi Fashion Festival, I am showing a bit of the Carolina Herrera collection from New York. The show is something new because the collection from New York was inspired by music. I collaborated with an English composer called Tom Hodge."
22/05/2013 15:32 BST

Luxury Made in China- Proudly?

And while we are more open to purchasing electronic products that are China- made, many of us are still resistant to paying top dollars for a designer bag or a dress that's manufactured there (as opposed to home countries of these fashion houses). Admit it, there is hesitation. So, why the prejudice?
03/09/2012 14:33 BST