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Film Review- The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Two years after Marc Webb rebooted Sony's lucrative Spider-Man series, the jury is still out over whether it was too soon to revive the franchise so quickly after Sam Raimi's third installment.
10/04/2014 17:39 BST

Film Review: The Wolverine

After a brief period with Darren Aronofsky at the helm, James Mangold was eventually handed the task of resurrecting the standalone <em>Wolverine</em> series, four years after Gavin Hood's risibly daft prequel, <em>X-Men Origins: Wolverine</em>, nearly killed the character stone dead.
18/07/2013 18:22 BST

Film Review: Stand Up Guys

While intermittingly entertaining, <i>Stand Up Guys</i> suffers from something of an identity crisis, with its tone struggling to settle between the action comedy of <i>Midnight Run</i> and the dark humour of <i>Goodfellas</i>, whilst occasionally descending into sub-Farrelly brothers gags about persistent erections.
26/06/2013 16:13 BST

Film Review: This Is The End

t's is bold and brash, tasteless and childish, hysterical and indulgent, but most importantly, it's very, very funny. The best main stream comedy in years- this will be a monster hit.
26/06/2013 16:00 BST

Film Review: Man of Steel

Snyder's vision is a clear departure from previous adaptations, ridding itself of the wry humour, self-deprecation and black and white morals of Richard Donner's films. Snyder's universe is not one in which cats are saved from trees and people wear underpants over their trousers.
13/06/2013 22:58 BST

Film Review: Behind The Candelabra

The depiction of Liberace's Las Vegas spectaculars are particularly well done; perfectly capturing the showmanship that made him the world's highest paid entertainer. In the modern age of motion capture and CGI, it is not often that one is baffled by special effects, but the footage of Douglas shredding up the piano keys with a virtuosic Boogey-Woogey is jaw-dropping.
03/06/2013 15:32 BST

Film Review: Byzantium

I think we can all agree that the last thing the film world needs as another tale of mopey, bloodsucking teenagers, but Neil Jordan's latest vampirical tale, Byzantium, is clearly doing everything it can to distance itself from the world of Stephanie Meyer.
15/05/2013 15:13 BST

Film Review: Epic

There's no denying that Epic looks stunning; with beautiful, lush, green landscapes; a multitude of well-rendered animals and insects; and an impressively immersive world comparable to that of Avatar. But, like James Cameron's 3D game changer, Epic relies too heavily on aesthetics and not nearly enough on character.
14/05/2013 14:38 BST

Film Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

J. J. Abrams' second voyage into the Star Trek universe is a bigger, brighter, but not necessarily better affair, but fans of the 2009 movie will be happy to hear that there is just as much fun to be had second time around.
07/05/2013 13:07 BST

Film Review: Iron Man 3

While it has its problems, Black's Iron Man 3 is smart, funny and consistently entertaining, and serves as a reminder of just how fun blockbuster cinema can be when in the right hands.
25/04/2013 12:35 BST

Film Review: Oblivion

Oblivion is an insultingly cynical, derivative and lazy clot of a film with clear aspirations for mediocrity; a meritless exercise in propheteering with a genuine contempt for its audience.
15/04/2013 15:02 BST

Film Review: Dark Skies

The chief problem with <i>Dark Skies</i> is its unfading sense of familiarity and despite a few red herrings, horror fans will have little trouble joining the dots from the off. The film is littered with genre clichés, and the obligatory twist is immediately foreseeable from the glaring contrivances in the plot.
02/04/2013 15:30 BST

Film Review: Trance

This mind-bending, psychological-thriller is a far cry from sky-diving monarchs and jitterbugging nurses, but Boyle hasn't completly reined in his penchant for spectacle.
30/03/2013 21:12 GMT

Film Review: In The House

<i>In The House</i>, which picked up the top award at last year's San Sebastian Film Festival, is a jet black, yet oddly playful comedy about a gifted teenage writer named Claude (Ernst Umhauer), who is taken under the wing of his bored French teacher, M. Germain (Fabrice Luchini). 
27/03/2013 14:25 GMT

Film Review: A Late Quartet

Yaron Zilberman's debut feature, <em>A Late Quartet</em> is a delicately handled and brilliantly-observed relationship drama about the internal dynamics of a world renowned string quartet.
26/03/2013 13:21 GMT

Film Review: 21 & Over

A thinly-veiled <i>Hangover</i> rehash with fewer jokes and fewer interesting characters,  <i>21 & Over</i> aims for outrageous campus comedy, but finds itself enrolled in the remedial class.
26/03/2013 13:15 GMT

Film Review: Stolen

There are a wealth of problems with Stolen; whether it's the grainy aesthetic that screams "straight to DVD', the dated soundtrack that sounds like a 1990's video game, the terrible script, or Josh Lucas' spectacularly over-the-top acting, but there is something in its stubbornness to elevate itself beyond its pulp framework that is admirable.
21/03/2013 14:46 GMT

Film Review: Snoop Lion's Reincarnated

The first hour of this tediously self-infatuated documentary consists almost exclusively of American millionaires swaggering around Jamaica smoking an astonishing amount of weed and saying "yeah, mun" every five seconds with all the authenticity and respect for their surroundings of an obnoxious public schoolboy on his gap year.
13/03/2013 14:30 GMT