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Jackson Rawlings

Political blogger and author

Jackson Rawlings writes on a range of subjects on this here webby-online-information-super-highway-world that we all share. He can mainly be found chatting about politics, philosophy, technology (and a bit about fantasy football) on HuffPo, Medium, his absolute top quality Twitter page, and wherever else he deems a good place for it. Currently in the final stages of crafting his first novel, which will appear in book-selling places at some point.

Fashionably Late? The Industries Only Just Joining the Social Media Party

It's a natural state of affairs; all technology adoption is on a bell-curve: you have early adopters 'ahead of the curve' and late adopters who wait until it becomes almost essential. Let's take a look at some of the industries who very much on the late adoption side of the curve for social media.
23/03/2015 12:52 GMT

10 Gadgets to Take on Holiday in 2015

Let's take a look at 10 of the best gadgets to take with you abroad this summer. Where possible, we've provided a cheaper and premium option.
12/01/2015 15:50 GMT

Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution - In Defence of Russell Brand

Calling for nothing less than a revolution whilst having a chat with his favourite beard-brother Jeremy Paxman, Brand has caused quite the stir. There's a split developing between those that think he might just be on to something and those that think he's talking out of his 'arris.
07/11/2013 11:51 GMT

Obama Is the New Clegg: Both Helped Kill Mainstream Liberalism

The moment Clegg got into bed with Cameron and co. was the moment he relinquished all rights to that kind of balanced assessment. It should never have happened; simple as. A token voting system referendum and a few quid added to a tax threshold doesn't make up for the fact he has lost the student vote for his party.
13/06/2013 15:33 BST

The World Is a Better Place Thanks to Google

Google may not be ethically unblemished, but to condemn the search giant, one must also condemn 90% of big business. Which is fine. Feel free to do that. I myself am not so keen on corporate hegemony, but why single out Google, when it's one of very few companies committed to more than just maximising profit.
01/05/2013 12:19 BST

The Rising Backlash Against Facebook Ads

Facebook is at a pivotal crossroads. Ever since its stock market flotation, the social giant has had a tough problem to address: how can it become profitable without alienating its user base? Myspace couldn't manage it (sorry Justin, no amount of cool re-branding is gonna bring that sexy back) and the jury's still out on Twitter and LinkedIn.
11/04/2013 15:08 BST