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Jade Lane

Freelance journalist; bringing the 'chic' to geek

Jade Lane is a freelance journalist, copywriter and editor.
She graduated from the University of Westminster with a first-class honours degree in Journalism and now works as a freelance writer and journalist for a number of consumer technology, science and knowledge magazines.

Most of Jade's outpourings concern technology, the media, women's health and music.

Read Jade's 140-character ramblings @jadeyandcoke.

It's Time to Take Voting Online

I can't help but think that local councils are missing a trick here. In our technology-driven world where we manage much of our lives online, from personal finances to doing our shopping, surely it would make sense to introduce the option of being able to vote online?
23/05/2014 11:17 BST

Why I'm Saying No to Cervical Screening

An inconspicuous-looking white envelope dropped through my letterbox last week. Inside it contained an invitation to participate in the NHS's cervical screening programme. Do you know what I did next? I put it in the bin.
14/03/2014 11:31 GMT

HMV: How Many Victims?

The potential loss of HMV is a catastrophic loss for the high street, it could also signal the death knell of the CD; the physical music format entirely.
15/01/2013 13:26 GMT

Comet: Strangled By Their Own Smartphone Cables?

In what has been a turbulent year for British retail, the high street was dealt another mighty blow last week following the announcement that electronics giant Comet was going into administration.
05/11/2012 12:45 GMT

Going Underground: Why the Internet is One Tube Upgrade Too Far

The Underground to me, is a safe haven from everyday life. It's the period of my day where I get to sit down (okay, <em>sometimes</em> sit down), listen to some music or read a book without the distraction of text messages or phone calls. It's my time. So please - let's leave the Internet at the ticket hall.
21/03/2012 09:03 GMT

Camera Obscura: Why Cameras Are Ruining Gig Culture

O2 display an interesting advert at The O2 Arena in London, <em>'Why not lose yourself in the moment rather than your phone?'</em>. An interesting stance considering that their main business is mobile phones - the logical of us would presume they would go all out to encourage people to use their services
16/02/2012 10:07 GMT

Hear No Evil, See No Evil: Google and Twitter's Free Society Is Crumbling

For better or worse, the notoriety of the internet stepped up a notch last year. Civil unrest was a common theme in the news - not just here in the UK, but throughout the world - the US had the Occupy movements, we had 'the riots' and of course, Arabic countries had the Arab Spring. The resounding driving force behind these events? Social networking.
03/02/2012 21:57 GMT

Why SOPA Is a Reaction, Not a Solution

The internet is in crisis. Wikipedia closed their doors to visitors last Wednesday, in protest at SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and in an almost perfectly-timed, plot-twist-shocker, the US Authorities pulled the plug on file-sharing hub MegaUpload.
23/01/2012 12:28 GMT

Tech or Tech-no? Why IT Education Reforms Are Better Late Than Never

Michael Gove, UK education secretary, has finally done the right thing, and realised that IT education in England is ''demotivating and dull". Even better, he's gone one step further and announced an overhaul of the IT National Curriculum, which will focus on web design, computer programming and computer science to reflect todays technological needs.
18/01/2012 22:23 GMT