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Jake Hanrahan

Freelance journalist

Jake Hanrahan is a freelance journalist focussing generally on lifestyle, culture and entertainment. He has written for Rolling Stone, The Guardian, MTV, The Independent, Wired, Vice and more. In his freelance career, Jake has explored an abandoned mental asylum, rubbed shoulders with the Occupy Movement, fought illegally in the underground world of unlicensed boxing, investigated a Japanese doomsday cult and has interviewed skaters who turned Trabelsi's looted mansion into a makeshift skatepark in the wake of the Jasmine revolution, all in the name of journalism.

He is always available for work and can be contacted at

Jeff Bethke Interview: 'Jesus would go to Skid Row'

When airing his beliefs that Jesus was on a crusade to actually fight against organised religion as opposed to championing it, spoken word poet Jeff Bethke caused controversy amongst both atheists and church goers alike.
03/05/2012 21:45 BST

BP - Up to Their Necks in More Deep Water?

After an estimated 4 million barrels of oil oozed out into the ocean due to an oil rig explosion, BP's leaking "Deepwater Horizon" site was finally stemmed after 87 days of pollution in 2010
22/09/2011 00:16 BST

World Of Morecraft

I know this is a game that many claim to be addicted to, but I wasn't. Addiction isn't the word. Oxycotton is addictive; World of Warcraft is more obsessive than anything else.
12/09/2011 00:01 BST

Commercial Grime That's Actually Worth Its Salt

<img alt="2011-08-26-micpass.jpg" src="" width="320" height="214" style="float: left; margin:10px" /> As grime music was slowly diluted in a bid to make it acceptable for the mainstream, the artists who once pioneered this gritty genre turned to electro beats and vacuous female backing singers to sell their records. Grime became confused. The usual jaw rattling bass, rapid snares and angry lyrics had now been replaced with soft synths, pop melodies and soppy lyrical content that made Mills and Boon look savage.
27/08/2011 08:58 BST