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James Bloodworth

Editor of Left Foot Forward, the UK's leading blog for progressives

James Bloodworth is a London-based writer and journalist.

James blogs at The Independent and Obliged to Offend and has previously written for the Observer, the Independent on Sunday, the Irish Independent, the Huffington Post, Red Pepper and Jacobin.

Lads' Mags: Objectification Is Bad, But So Are Censorship and Sexual Repression

The moral panic around lads' mags is also becoming rather disproportionate. Soon you will be technically old enough to have sex, get married and move out of your parents' home, but if you decide you want to buy a copy of<em> Loaded</em> at your local Tesco you will be politely informed that you simply aren't capable of that level of responsibility.
08/08/2013 20:20 BST

Don't Give the Woolwich Attacks a Meaning They Don't Deserve

No doubt we will soon get a more thorough idea of the process of indoctrination the killers underwent prior to them carrying out their pointless acts. Until then, don't give the attacks a meaning they don't deserve, and view those who wish to use the attacks to push their own abhorrent ideology with the purest contempt.
23/05/2013 15:40 BST

Is Junk Food the New Tobacco? No, Not Really

Blaming the food industry for making you fat is a bit like blaming Hooters because your husband likes breasts. It may be comforting to curse the corporate giants as you reach for another chocolate digestive, but it's attitudes like this that will end up destroying the NHS.
09/12/2012 22:40 GMT

Socialism and Blasphemy: All Authority Should Be Ridiculed

Instead of unreservedly condemning the violence and defending free expression, however, a number of Western commentators have sunk into a swamp of half-baked liberalism that appears to believe only in the necessity of committing cultural suicide as hastily as possible.
18/09/2012 15:30 BST

Dennis Skinner MP: Incorruptible and Unapologetic

Dennis Skinner plans to retire at the next election to make way for a neighbouring Labour MP as the boundaries of his Derbyshire constituency are redrawn. The House of Commons will be a duller place without him.
27/07/2012 14:41 BST

What Would British Fascism Look Like?

Were a far-Right government ever to win power in Britain - and never get too complacent, for a <a href="" target="_hplink">Searchlight poll last February</a> found a staggeringly high number of voters who said they would be prepared to vote for party of the far-Right if it renounced violence - what might it do in its first year of power?
29/04/2012 22:10 BST