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James Davis

Director of the Institute for Political Science at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and Professor for Political Science

James Davis is Professor of International Relations and Director of the Institute for Political Science at the University of St. Gallen Switzerland. His fields of research interest include international security, methods of political science, political psychology, and the transatlantic relations. Prof. Davis also chairs the Centre for Security Economics and Technology. A frequent contributor to newspapers, Professor Davis has published three books and numerous book chapters and articles.

Can this Lame Duck Fly?

Whether Obama has turned out to be a weak and ineffective President is a proposition we can debate, but not on the basis of yesterday's elections. True, the President will no longer dominate the domestic political agenda. On that question, the elections leave no room for doubt. At home, Obama is indeed a lame duck.
05/11/2014 15:53 GMT

Anything Less Is Capitulation

What exactly are we supposed to negotiate? The conditions under which Russia can occupy a neighboring state? Or how much of the Ukraine it can keep? No- Europe needs to choose between the two remaining options. Anything less is capitulation.
17/03/2014 10:53 GMT

Munich at 50: The Search for Leadership

The who's who of the world's foreign policy and security community met this weekend at the 50th Munich Security Conference. As befits a half-century anniversary, there was a fair amount of reminiscence, in particular over the life and legacy of the conference's founder, Baron Ewald von Kleist.
04/02/2014 10:34 GMT

A Cloak of Iron Stealth

Back from her annual summer holiday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has begun the final phase of her re-election campaign this week - not that anyone paid much notice.
16/08/2013 16:32 BST

People of the World - Look at Berlin

Standing before the Brandenburg Gate this Wednesday, Obama will no doubt again make use of Kennedy's towering rhetoric. But this time the mood is different; the promise of 2008 itself already lost to history.
19/06/2013 10:43 BST

Coercing North Korea

The dangers involved are now on clear display in the escalating crisis in North Korea as the United States seeks to strike a delicate balance between deterring an unknown adversary and reassuring a nervous ally. What's more, the drama plays out in full view of an international audience, some of whom are watching for clues about the utility of nuclear weapons in the 21st Century.
16/04/2013 17:43 BST

All the President's Men

How can President Obama make good on his campaign promises to strengthen the welfare state, invest in America's crumbling infrastructure and preserve American leadership in world affairs - all in a period of sluggish growth and continued economic uncertainty? The president will have the first of two important opportunities to provide some answers at his inauguration this Sunday.
17/01/2013 11:02 GMT

The Day After

Although the president came out on top last night, the mountain in front of him remains as high and the path to the summit as steep as it was just a few days ago.
07/11/2012 15:57 GMT

'Me Too' Mitt

Overthrowing Libyan dictator Gadhafi? Me too! Crippling sanctions against Iran? Me too! Timetable for withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan? Me too! Targeted killing of terrorists with unmanned drones? Me too!
23/10/2012 13:44 BST

'Trust Me' - It's About Fear

Trust me! No, I am not citing Mitt Romney, although those two words sum up the substance of his appeal for votes at last night's debate. What I mean is: trust me this election is going to be a cliffhanger.
17/10/2012 14:21 BST

Mainstream Mitt and the Race for the Middle

Obama missed more than one opportunity to go on the offensive and force his opponent to reveal the details of any of those unseen "plans" he kept referring to (I counted at least four). But I'm not so sure that Romney will emerge the ultimate winner of this debate. By showing how quickly he is willing to throw off the cloak of the Republican right in order to appeal to mainstream Americans, he may have served to alienate both groups.
04/10/2012 14:26 BST

A New Progressive Era?

If the Obama speech is remembered for anything, I suspect it will be for the full-throated call to a new progressive era.
07/09/2012 16:27 BST