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James Dwyer

Father. Husband. Follower of The Way. Occasional writer.

James works as Head of Marketing and Communications for New Wine, a charity that seeks to see the local church change this nation. He also has a passion for baseball, books, his family and The West Wing.

The Week in Major League Baseball

In a new series of posts covering Major League Baseball, we'll look at the best bits of the past week's action from across the pond. Here's some of what's happened in MLB over the past seven days...
08/09/2014 12:54 BST

The Capable Mr Hague

And at a time of such international uncertainty, it is reassuring not just for the government but for the country as a whole to have a man of Hague's command in one of the most important Cabinet positions. He is, as many have noted, an incredibly safe pair of hands.
07/02/2012 10:32 GMT

A Johnson Family Feud?

Yesterday's article in the Guardian by Jo Johnson makes interesting festive reading. Boris' younger brother makes a strong case for the importance of the City of London to the rest of Europe, and doesn't hold any punches on what he thinks David Cameron should do.
28/12/2011 23:14 GMT

There's Never a Good time to Have an EU Referendum

Now is not the right time to have a referendum on the UK's membership of the EU, the party leaders all say. It's a rare occasion when all three are on the same wavelength. In fact, they all agree so much that the media can't be bothered to cover that aspect of the story.
24/10/2011 15:02 BST

The Euro Fight Within the Tory Party

The Prime Minister and the Conservative Party must - and rightly seem to be - focus on helping resolve the euro crisis. The argument that a stable eurozone is in Britain's favour may be mocked by some on the left, but it is true that if the eurozone collapses Britain's economy will suffer.
10/10/2011 23:59 BST

Cameron Needs to Tread Carefully in the Aftermath of Libya

David Cameron is a lucky man. Just when things seemed to be getting messy in Libya, when the word 'stalemate' was being heard more and more often and when there was seemingly a collective slumping of the international shoulders and an acceptance that we were in it for the long run, the rebels toppled Gaddafi. With Gaddafi gone, Cameron may think he can breath a sigh of relief. Whilst he can certainly be pleased with the fact an undeniably evil dictator is gone, there are a whole host of problems - at home and abroad - that now need to be addressed.
01/09/2011 00:01 BST

Don't Take Your eye off the Eurozone Crisis

As the British media continues to churn out story after story on the hacking scandal, the troubles in the Eurozone continue to mount. Like a set of dominoes, one by one countries are falling into deeper and deeper financial trouble.
30/07/2011 15:19 BST

The Problem With Dave

I wonder how David Cameron would assess his first year in Government. Not in the sense of a verdict he'd give to the media, but an honest opinion of how he thinks he's doing.
18/07/2011 13:47 BST