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12 Plank Variations For A Rock Solid Core

As a set of stabiliser muscles, the abdominals respond best to isometric work such as planks, so there's no surprise it's such an effective movement for building core strength. But in order to reap maximum benefits (and to prevent exercise boredom) it's important to employ different variations of this exercise into your workout regime.
28/02/2017 12:34 GMT

How To Get A Mind Blowing Pump Every Time You Train

There's more to a good 'pump' than just vanity, though. A pump shows that your body is in a state of readiness to train, and that your muscles are being filled with nutrient rich blood ready to kickstart the recovery process. Chasing a 'pump' at the end of a workout may actually fast track your gains.
17/11/2016 11:12 GMT

Five Common Bodybuilding Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

Making mistakes doesn't make you any less of an athlete. In fact, identifying your mistakes and taking the time to learn from them is probably one of the most important things you can do in order to keep making progress long term. The question is... how many are you making?
29/06/2016 17:27 BST

Nine Tests to Assess Your True Fitness and Strength

It's been a productive and highly enjoyable last few weeks away Down Under. Thank you for all your support and encouragement... Our game plan and structure has been very much based around aggression and power , which brings me neatly to my topic for today's article.
27/06/2016 17:18 BST

My Guide to the Best Nut Butters (and How to Use Them)

Peanut butter is tasty, versatile, and a great high calorie food for those looking to bulk up. It's also the cheapest nut butter around, and the easiest to find. Providing you're not allergic, peanut butter can be a good addition to the diet of an athlete - but you do have to be careful.
09/06/2016 11:45 BST

The Golden Rule for Bigger Arms

Take a look in any mainstream gym, and you'll find the most popular exercise at any given time to be the bicep curl. It's the exercise of choice for insecure guys trying to blow up their arms. And whilst bicep curls do have their place, it's definitely not the most important exercise if you want bigger arms.
27/05/2016 10:53 BST

'How-To' - The Busy Person's Guide to Muscle Building

Balancing training with a hectic lifestyle isn't easy, but it's a reality that most of us have to face. We're not professional athletes, so we can't be in the gym for multiple sessions every day. So, as a result, we have to make the best of what little time we've got.
25/05/2016 12:12 BST

10 Great Breakfasts for Building Easy Muscle

The classic pairing of scrambled eggs and avocado make for the perfect rest day breakfast. Packed with healthy fats, it will keep you fuller for longer whilst also giving a great testosterone boost - ideal for those looking to gain size.
08/05/2016 18:33 BST

Four Exercises to Develop Your Quads

Barbell front squats provide all the muscle building stimulus of a back squat, but with more emphasis on the quads and less on the lower back, hips and hamstrings. Don't expect to push as much weight on a front squat, but if you can set aside your ego, the results will be more than worth it.
03/05/2016 16:44 BST

Six Ways to Improve Your Deadlift

Nothing commands respect in the gym like a heavy deadlift with impeccable form. But even more importantly, the deadlift is one of the most powerful full body muscle builders on the planet. If you've got a strong deadlift in your locker, chances are you're already a pretty big dude.
01/05/2016 22:30 BST

Five Steps to Ensure You Shred Faster

So if you're still carrying excess blubber and haven't started doing anything about it, you're already two steps behind where you need to be. But before you give up on revealing your best ever physique in time for holiday season, know that it's not too late
26/04/2016 17:57 BST

Something for Everyone

In last week's column we looked at a power endurance workout, which although not hugely complex was certainly for those who have a reasonable understanding about training and lifting. So for the slightly more advanced shall we say.
21/04/2016 11:29 BST

Power Endurance Workout

It's the same kind of full body workout you get, from ball carrying, tackling, getting to your feet and competing for the ball. So it's great rugby specific work - great research for my new rugby book due out next week!
15/04/2016 15:07 BST

Time for the Gun Show

With the vaguest hint of summer on the horizon, with the promise/advent of T-shirts, crop tops, vests and the like. Plus with you all now fully understanding, despite the lunatic fringe suggesting otherwise, there is sadly no such thing as a quick fix, this means starting to train to get into shape, now!
07/04/2016 17:09 BST

Five Workout Finishers to Blitz Body Fat

Regular readers of my weekly columns will know by now there is no such thing as a free lunch or pass when it comes to training. Success requires sustained commitment and real effort to get the body results you want.
04/04/2016 14:44 BST

Do You Even Lift?

You work hard in the gym, or so you think. You eat right, or so you think. You're pretty strong, at least for your size, or so you've been told. So why are you still stuck looking like someone who doesn't even lift?
01/04/2016 12:16 BST

Five Simple Hacks for Better Sleep

During sleep, our bodies produce testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH), the two most important hormones for muscle building. What's more, quality sleep also saps cortisol, the stress hormone that triggers fat storage and muscle breakdown.
28/03/2016 21:21 BST

10 Muscle Building Foods to Add to Your Diet for Faster Gains

Eat high calorie foods. They'll make it much easier to achieve your caloric goals than plain old chicken and rice. But before you dive head first into a pizza box, remember that these have to be good calories - or you'll just end up looking like a marshmallow.
22/03/2016 16:01 GMT