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James Lancaster

Communications Consultancy Director

Born in Lichfield, Staffordshire, and now based in South-West London - I was previously involved in politics working on campaigns and in the House of Commons. I am a Social Democrat by trade and a lacklustre political commentator.

Labour Moderates Must Move On

If moderates within the Labour Party truly feel that this is the party that best represents them and not a football team you support for nine years of hardship in the hope it may vaguely reflect something you once knew then they must win fairly. Like last time, this leadership election should be a battle of ideas between the leadership candidates and not a cabal trumping basic rules.
28/07/2016 12:34 BST

Osborne Gives Up on Regional Growth

If George Osborne brings in localised pay it will serve as an admittance that his economic plan is failing and he has given up on economic growth in some of the UK's poorest regions... The Coalition looks set to skip past an independent consultation and has devalued democracy yet again.
25/03/2012 22:36 BST

The Nuclear Family Has Exploded, So Get With the Times

It would be naïve to dismiss marriage as no longer important but in terms of raising a child, some of the most intelligent, successful and emotionally stable people I know don't come from what <em>Daily Mail</em> readers would deem a conventional unit - some may be all the better for it.
02/03/2012 12:40 GMT

Lifestyle Choices: Smoking is Stupid, But So is God

We smokers are verbally pummelled or beaten and frequently ridiculed by friends, family, loved ones and random members of the public for our intermittent, yet orgasmic, breaks with those killer sticks.
24/02/2012 18:14 GMT