James Saward-Anderson Entrepreneur, Ultra Endurance Athlete And Avid Reader

James Saward-Anderson is a Ultra Endurance Athlete, Writer and Student from Portsmouth, England. At only 22 years old he has already completed some of the hardest physical trials on Earth and has raised over 2,000 pounds for charitable causes.

James begun his voyage into the realms of Ultra Endurance Racing when he was just 19. After returning from travelling, he sought to spend his next summer dedicated to undertaking a challenge to raise money for Charity. He decided to put his high fitness levels to good use by undertaking an event which would rouse people into digging deep and donating their hard earned pennies to Water Aid. So along with his friend Max Hannah, he ran over 2000km’s from Canterbury England to Rome Italy in 58 days in 2011. Completely unassisted, pushing a 30kg buggy through France, over the Alps and through the heat of an Italian Summer.

On his return, James planned his next challenge,
a 40 km run carrying 40 pounds of weight submerged 40 cm’s into the ocean. On a cold November morning in 2011, James completed the feat after hobbling through the last 20 km's in just under 8 hours with one functioning shoe. It was at this time that James began writing, forming his own self improvement blog called the “Informed Generation” which he still runs to this day.

In March of 2012 James attempted the “Trafalgar Halls Challenge” which consisted of running up and down a 50 meter building 400 times in under 24 hours, unfortunately he failed his first attempt on the 246th star climb. After a short period of time off, James enrolled himself into an 8 month training camp to overcome the Trafalgar Halls Challenge. And on November the 3rd 2012, after 21 and a half hours, James completed 400 stair climbs of Trafalgar Halls.

After overcoming his latest hurdle, James continued to write and expand upon his knowledge gained from his experiences undertaking the challenges he had faced in the past. In March of 2013 he announced details of his next challenge “The 50/50/50 Challenge”, an attempt to run up and down 2,500 meters worth of stairs before Running 50km’s and then Rowing 50km’s in under 14 hours (James has a personal goal to get under 12). James also intends to attempt to break the World Record for the fastest Cycle ride across Africa (Cairo to Cape town) at the end of 2014. He hopes to raise 10,000 pounds for Water Aid and plans to release a book about the events he has undertaken so far in March of 2014.

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