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James Wallace



The Good, the Bad and the (Sn)ugly: A Guide to All Things Pub

The cold and increasingly long winter nights are drawing in and Christmas is loitering on the not too distant horizon like a giant festive iceberg. This makes it the ideal time of year to take refuge in a warm pub with friends, family, loved ones, strangers, colleagues and people you actively dislike, to relax, drink, chew the proverbial fat and take shelter form the outside world.
29/11/2012 12:37 GMT

Mr Movember- A Guide to Top Lip Based Japery

Richard Herring tried to reclaim the toothbrush moustache by dedicating an entire stand-up show to it in 2009, saying "it was Chaplin's first then Hitler ruined it'. Working by this logic, if you see this moustache on the street it is fair to assume the person sporting is either thought-provokingly funny or abhorrent.
22/11/2012 00:28 GMT