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James Welch

Legal Director of Liberty

James is a solicitor and has been the Legal Director of Liberty since February 2000. Liberty is a campaigning organisation which seeks to protect civil liberties and promote human rights. Its legal department takes on strategic test cases to further the organisations campaigning aims.
Before coming to Liberty James was a partner at Alexander and Partners, a legal aid firm in Harlesden, North-west London.

Why Liberty, Tom Watson and David Davis Are Taking Legal Action Over DRIP

We're representing this cross-party backbench duo in their legal fightback against the Government over its scandalous Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014 - "DRIP". But why does all this matter? What's the problem with DRIP anyway? And what's driving Liberty and two elected representatives from opposite sides of the House of Commons chamber to head for the courts to challenge it?
22/07/2014 16:24 BST