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Jamie Khoo

PhD student in Women's Studies at University of York, researching beauty and body politics; Founder and editor of

Jamie Khoo is a writer and founder of "a beauty full mind", a website and online community created to challenge conventional beauty ideals and initiate new conversations about what beauty can mean for all of us today.

She has also had her writing published in elephant journal, the Be You Media Group, The Tattooed Buddha, Some Talk of You and Me, Elle Malaysia and Time Out Kuala Lumpur. She is now pursuing her PhD in Women's Studies, with a focus on body politics, at the University of York.

Connect to her through her website, Facebook @ABeautyFullMind or email

Why the New 'Body-Diverse' Barbies Miss the Mark Entirely

Last week, the world exploded with the news that Barbie is now available in a body diverse range. The world's most famous doll is now also available in versions that are curvier, tall, petite and of different skin tones - supposedly more realistic reflections of 'real women.'
04/02/2016 15:56 GMT

What Happened While I Was Gaining Weight

Yes, I have gained weight. I'm bigger and rounder and fleshier than I've ever been. But I've gained so many other things in the process too; the extra pounds of flesh and fat are just a tiny part of all the other abundances.
09/07/2015 21:06 BST

Three Reasons Banning Skinny Models Isn't the Answer

We need to stop polarising and start including. Instead of responding to the thin beauty ideal by simply replacing the images with a fatter demographic, we need to start featuring people who are thin and fat and everything in between alongside each other.
08/06/2015 11:02 BST

Fat Is Just a Word

We've become terrified of the word fat, not for what it actually means but for all it implies. To be fat is no longer just about having more fat cells, a purely physical thing. It's also an indication that we're unhealthy, lazy, greedy, burdensome or lacking restraint and discipline.
29/05/2015 10:49 BST