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Jamie Lewis

New Age Journalist; Entrepreneur

Jamie Lewis started his journalism career with a life-changing move from Essex to Cornwall, where he enrolled on Access to Journalism at Truro College. Achieving top marks with distinctions in each and every module. Jamie turned down his five offers for university in favour of finding a job.

Jamie made his name in copywriting in Cornwall, specialising in SEO, social media and technology writing that included guest blogging, corporate blogging and news. He made even more of a name when he set up The Newsroom UK, a website for aspiring journalists to upload blogs, features and comment pieces.

He has since attracted media attention throughout the UK and is currently working at the International Business Times based in Canary Wharf.

Five Stars That Will DESTROY You on the Poker Tables

As a younger man, watching poker on TV was a massively special event. I would sit up watching late-night poker, with highlights from various tournaments. It motivated me to write about the famous faces I've seen over the years and here, in all its glory, is the ultimate list of poker playing celebrities in all their glory.
14/04/2016 22:41 BST

Why You Should Care About Smaller Online Poker Rooms

It is unfortunate that, within the poker community, the smallest online card rooms often get overlooked. Having spent the past few months documenting my own poker journey, however, it has become increasingly difficult to ignore them.
29/03/2016 08:29 BST

Casino Etiquette: Keeping It Cool on the Poker Tables

It can be a terrifying experience, entering a casino. Fresh with images in the mind from Hollywood scenes that suggest fiery dealers and intricate etiquette, casino virgins might feel daunted when laying their first bets. And, especially, us poker players, who may have only played online, could consider a physical felt a scary proposition.
21/03/2016 16:28 GMT

Fishing With BitCoin: How Cryptocurrencies Could Change Online Poker Forever

Ever since the (almost) immediate closure of of live wagering on poker within the US, it's been a difficult ride for the game of Hold 'Em to prosper. Consisting of a predominantly US line up, the faces of professional poker have been forced into playing free money games to stream and coach from within the American border.
07/03/2016 17:34 GMT

We're Blowing the Cost of Jonathan Ross Out of Proportion

Mr Ross's continued work at the EIGHT charities he supports allows him a party for his friends - and let's remember, it's a private celebrity bash, who among them will want to act up in the spotlight? It's not the attendees the police were keeping in order, but those among us who insisted on gawping.
22/02/2016 13:34 GMT

Let's Talk OCD: How Do They Treat It?

Having sat in on a number of CBT sessions for OCD after being wrongly-diagnosed with a strange form of the illness - religiously over-thinking, later diagnosed as a form of social anxiety - I began to see what was happening to these people's lives.
16/02/2012 10:44 GMT

Can Drinking Alcohol Heavily Amplify Depression?

For those who - like me - prefer their Christmas spirit served in a glass, the holiday season can become synonymous with heavy drinking. Following a hefty few nights over the Christmas and New Year period I once again realised that hangovers were no good for my mental health.
04/01/2012 10:01 GMT

Depression: The Invisible Assassin

Although a huge number of men and women are gripped in the tendrils of depression - up to 4% of men and 5% of women according to Samaritans - it can still be a social faux pas for some. A factor of embarrassment can force people to suffer in silence, which in today's society shouldn't be occurring as regularly as it does.
02/12/2011 15:58 GMT