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Jane Graham

Arts journalist and columnist

Jane Graham writes about film, TV and books for The Guardian, The Big Issue and The Belfast Telegraph, and has written for Uncut, The Glasgow Herald and The Scotsman. She writes a weekly column for the Belfast Telegraph and a fortnightly TV column for the Big Issue. She is a former BBC producer whose credits include BBC4's Front Row and The Film Programme, BBC 3's Night Waves, Radio 1's John Peel show, The Evening Session and Sunday Surgery and many arts and music documentaries. The most fun she ever had at work was producing radio sketches with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. The least fun was trying to cheer up Mike Leigh.

Why the Critics are Wrong About Luhrmann's 'The Great Gatsby'

<em>The Great Gatsby</em> is stunning, but it's meaningfully, provocatively stunning. This isn't just awesome spectacle for spectacle's sake. Luhrmann uses sensory overload in a similar way to Harmony Korine in <em>Springbreakers</em> - to disorientate the audience and send them reeling into a hallucinogenic whirl.
17/05/2013 17:04 BST