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Jane Scott Paul

Editorial Assistant at AAT

Jane Scott Paul has been Chief Executive of the AAT since 1997. Under Jane’s leadership, the AAT has grown to an overall membership of 120,000 with an influential voice in the education, training, development and support of accounting technicians worldwide.
Before becoming Chief Executive, she headed the AAT’s Education and Training Division and pioneered the introduction of large scale, skills-based training for accounting technicians. This has contributed to capacity development both within and outside the UK. She has contributed to conferences and workshops in the UK, Africa, Australia and the Middle East.
After achieving an MA with Honours in Political Studies at the University of Aberdeen, Jane started her career at the University of Oxford Delegacy of Local Examinations where she was involved in the management of public examinations and in curriculum development.
She was awarded Honorary Membership of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) in 2003 and the OBE in 2008 for services to the accountancy profession.

Apprentices Boosted UK Business by £1.8billion Last Year

The research report The Value of Apprentices presents a compelling case for organisations to take on even one apprentice: every time they do they receive, on average, a bottom-line boost of more than £2,000 once wage and training costs have been factored in.
03/03/2014 10:22 GMT

Believing in Skills

I spoke openly about what I believe excellence to look like when developing qualifications and skills from my own experience as Chief Executive of AAT at the Skills Summit in January.
11/02/2014 10:36 GMT

Are We Creating a More 'Entrepreneurial' Generation?

It is clear from the press that the outlook remains bleak for our young people. There are around one million 16 to 24 year-olds not in education, training or employment and the labour market is becoming crowded with an excess of university graduates that aren't being offered work for which they are qualified.
06/12/2013 15:55 GMT

Why Is Careers Advice So Important?

Our young people are making decisions about their future in a difficult economy: there are high levels of youth unemployment and university fees are at a record high. We have to be supporting them through the transition from education into the workforce by ensuring they're aware of all the career options open to them.
21/10/2013 13:53 BST

Using the Taxation System for Apprenticeship Funding

One of the core criticisms of apprenticeships up until now has been that training has not accurately reflected or been aligned with what employers need or want. In order for apprenticeships to be truly effective, they must become central to the workforce planning of business and not an add on...
11/10/2013 12:52 BST

Parental Preconceptions Hamper Apprenticeship Aspirations

Our research further highlighted that outdated views are still prevalent with nearly half of parents (48 per cent) thinking that apprenticeships are geared more towards boys than girls and almost a third (32 per cent) thinking they are for less academically able young people. This is certainly not the case.
07/08/2013 15:06 BST

Adult Learning Not a Priority but Why Not?

The statistic seems to have gone unnoticed. Is it that universities and colleges are not concerned about catering to the needs of those wanting to study part-time who are mainly adult learners? Or is it that the hike in tuition fees means that for many adult learners education is simply out of reach?
17/05/2013 11:28 BST

Career or Family: Why Do Women Have to Make a Choice?

Throughout every employee's working life there will come a time when they need to work in a more flexible way - this could be anything from raising a child to compassionate leave. It isn't just new mothers that need and benefit from working differently.
03/02/2013 22:11 GMT

Give Young People Proper Internships

Other than working with two highly motivated young people - their language skills and knowledge gave us access to information we know we may not have been able to obtain otherwise. We also didn't have the resource in-house to do this research on our own, so we really felt and saw first-hand the value the interns added to our business and life at AAT.
30/11/2012 11:54 GMT

One Year on With Our Apprentice

A year ago we established a relationship with Islington Academy with a view to setting up an apprentice scheme within <a href="" target="_hplink">AAT</a>. Our motives were twofold: firstly we wanted to give something back to the local community (as a registered charity we are restricted from donating to other charities), and secondly we wanted to explore growing our own talent from school leaver age.
08/08/2012 11:13 BST

Bridging the Gap for Adults in Further Education

We have a lost generation of people - who left school without GCSEs or A-levels - who have since steered clear of further education, training and often employment. We also have the issue of those who did embark on higher education but obtained university degrees which have not led to meaningful employment. We have many unemployed graduates and we still have a skills shortage.
27/06/2012 12:35 BST

Youth Unemployment and the 'Lost Generation'

Youth unemployment is a global problem. In the UK, NEET figures are at a record high. In some countries of the Arab world 90% of 16-24-year-olds are unemployed. In the United States the youth unemployment rate is 23% and in Spain nearly 50%. The problem is very much a worldwide issue with everyone feeling the full force of the recession and slow economic recovery.
25/04/2012 11:27 BST

Lack of Career Guidance is Hampering Young People’s Future Prospects

Record high youth unemployment statistics have sparked much debate about education today. Universities, vocational qualifications and apprenticeships have been making headlines, with much discussion about their value and the role they play in our society. It's a minefield of confusing and contradictory messages for school leavers and their parents.
26/02/2012 22:58 GMT

Apprenticeships: We Urgently Need to Offer Young People More Choice

The vast changes in the education landscape are making the headlines and naturally causing a lot of passionate debate. Coupled with the latest depressing unemployment figures with youth unemployment the highest since records began it is not surprising that education and skills are top of the political agenda.
06/02/2012 23:47 GMT

The Next Generation of Managers

With university fees on the increase, many young people are looking at alternative routes into their chosen careers. Should employers now be looking to school leavers instead of graduates for their next generation of managers?
22/08/2011 22:49 BST