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Jane Scott

Writer, mother, wife, reluctant special needs specialist and lover of coffee.If you need an opinion,happy to oblige.

I'm Jane, a 40ish, bookish, vintage loving mum, amongst other things.
A background in Speech and Language Therapy did not begin to prepare me for my own Special Needs experience, however ,working in health and education gave me the keys to advocacy and a loud and insistent voice .My three kids, two with additional needs, are busy filling in the gaps in my knowledge. I try to appreciate it.
Permanently opinionated about everything, I'm trying to pass on a similar passion to all the kids regardless of abilities.
Add a smattering of tech from my day job, managing the admin in my husbands gaming company, and I think we've got all bases covered.

Everybody. Seasons Of Change

<img alt="everybody banner" src="" width="300" height="35" /> The weeks have been filled with trying to cram in as much paid work as possible, organising personal assistants, booking holidays and filling The Glory's expectant cardboard box with university essentials.
17/07/2017 14:44 BST

Mindfulness. A Special Needs Approach

This plan, based on the life experience of someone who I have studied assiduously for ten years offers you some answers, what you choose to do with them is your responsibility.
07/02/2017 14:56 GMT

Note To Self. Taming The Black Dog

You can do it! Yes, you can write, pitch ideas, speak eloquently in public and (whisper it quietly) keep going with the novel. It's possible you could make fair fist of running the country given a chance, you certainly have enough opinions.
24/11/2016 15:18 GMT

Long Time Gone. A Note To My Father

I don't know why you have been on my mind so much lately, it's twelve and a half years since you died. Perhaps it is watching your small, wobbly granddaughter achieving her small significant steps, and hurting that you never met her or knew of her struggles. Perhaps seeing her adoration of her own doting Daddy.
22/11/2016 17:19 GMT

Special Needs Parenting, An Emotional Response

I am a literary snob and have always hated greeting cards poems. Unfortunately what your midwife fails to tell you is that when you become a mother, they replace the rational part of your brain with mush.
06/10/2016 17:09 BST

Special Needs Parenting. A Rookie's Guide

Today, a Rookie's guide to some of the less inspirational nuggets of wisdom that have come to my attention while practicing parenting a child with additional needs. <strong>Sodium Valproate is the stickiest substance known to man.</strong>
20/09/2016 15:46 BST

Summertime Sadness

I remind myself how far we have come. Pearl is learning. She has changed. We do love each other, oh how this child is loved! She will learn and grow and change again. She is just 9 and her body is getting used to growing into her future womanhood.
14/09/2016 16:12 BST