Janice Atkinson Independent MEP for the South East, member of the Europe of Nations and Freedoms group in the European Parliament

Janice Atkinson is a UKIP MEP for the South East. She fought the last election as a Tory PPC and is now a happy camper with UKIP. She jointly ran WomenOn.org, a think tank/pressure group based on centre-right thinking to counteract the left's feminista project under the high priestess of feminism, Harriet Harmanista and believes feminism is toxic and doesn't represent ordinary women. She is an ordinary woman, has run her own successful media and marketing agency and is Global PR Director for http://gotradelive.comwww.gotradelive.com, a new capitalist business to help SMEs grow as she believes corporatism is the problem in the world, not capitalism as the uncouth Uncut lot would have us believe. She is on her second marriage to the wonderful Simon, she has two sons and two step-children. She will not seek to offend but to defend the policies of the right (and sometimes even the left), expose daft ideas and the politically correct.

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