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Jasdev Singh Rai

Medical Doctor, with MA in politics, human rights activist and community worker

A medical doctor with a MA in politics and some time to spare. Has long interest in governance, human and political rights issues. With some time to spare.

Written and published academic papers on ethics, gender foeticide, anti terrorism, freedom of conscience, conflict resolution and Sikh philosophy. Developed and written a critique on Universalism for UNESCO in the ethics agenda for UNESCO.

Brexit Is Not Waterloo, But May Wants To Be Wellington

Parliament was rarely so united as before the election call. The two leading parties were on the same side, Both are committed to Brexit. Both want a good deal for Britain. May is the leader of the country. So why does May want to be stronger and more stable? It neither makes sense nor sound reasoning. Surely there is another agenda. Is it about whose interests will be protected in the negotiation?
03/05/2017 12:53 BST

Corbyn May Have the Last Laugh in 2020

All those £3 Tories and the Telegraph who schemed on a 'wicked' plan to get Corbyn into leadership may regret their folly. Corbyn of course won on the back of a genuine Labour wave to steer back the party to its original mission. Contrary to the warnings of 'New' Labour, Corbyn is likely to confound e pundits and win the next elections.
14/09/2015 12:47 BST


Corbyn will ironically restore Labour's chances of winning by 2025 if not sooner. How soon will depend on how dexterous he is playing the great British political game, predictable but not certain.
12/08/2015 10:55 BST

Osbornomics, Not Wallace, Is Miliband's Problem

Miliband is certainly an intellectual full of ideas and a clever strategist. But Osborne has proved himself to be an equally powerful intellectual, better at gaming strategy. Labour could outwit Tory strategists. Instead of fielding Miliband in a 'presidential style' election, it could play the party instead as a collegium.
28/07/2014 12:40 BST

Ukraine, We Need a New Script

The collective wisdom of the west seems to be lacking that skill. Smaller power junkies, like Europeans, think that Uncle Sam and his missiles will put any upstart or even powerful country in its place if it challenges western writ.
06/03/2014 12:36 GMT

Mandela, a God in Our Times

While struggling against Apartheid and then bringing it down, Mandela maintained his core belief in the equality and dignity of all human beings irrespective of race, religion or gender. He added another element. Irrespective of action. In that he upheld the rhetoric many religions pronounce but rarely live by, many leaders say but rarely deliver. The ability to forgive and move on.
24/12/2013 10:56 GMT

Has the Commons Changed the International Game

Where to British Foreign Policy now? More importantly will it transform the way the west deals with international tensions? The Parliamentary decision brings a chance of shifting the paradigm in British Foreign policy.
16/09/2013 13:20 BST


But this entire idea of breaking from Europe and going solo lacks realism. How will UK single compete in a tough economic world on its own. Ukip is harking back to grandiose days of the Empire.
20/05/2013 11:55 BST

Lib Dems, Now Really Think of the National Interest, Dump Coalition!

Isn't it time the Lib Dems did something REALLY for the nation. Dump the Tories, precipitate another election and let people decide whether they want to continue to be martyrs to Osborne's austerity mantra. Or elect a Government that will help people to get the economy going.
28/01/2013 20:05 GMT

Paradigm Shift, Will Obama Radically Change US Foreign Policy?

President Obama has already proved dexterous in dealing with conflicts without protracted military engagements. But his biggest challenge will be to fundamentally re-orientate American foreign policy to prevent future US governments waging gung ho conflicts.
03/01/2013 17:37 GMT

Why the World Needs Obama

The world seems a lot safer under Obama than was under Bush, even if Obama has sent more forces to Afghanistan. Perhaps it is perception more than reality that calms.
31/10/2012 13:04 GMT