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Jasmijn de Boo


Jasmijn is the chief executive officer of The Vegan Society, the oldest Vegan Society in the world (established 1944). Jasmijn holds an MSc in animal behaviour and welfare, and a PGCE. She has advocated humane solutions to harmful animal use in education and research, and has led animal welfare education and research programmes worldwide since 2000.

Brexit Impact on Veganism

Whether you voted Remain or Leave in last week's referendum, the Brexit outcome will have ramifications beyond direct financial, political and socio-economic impacts.
01/07/2016 12:43 BST

How Many Vegans? One of the Fastest Growing Lifestyle Movements

For the last decade, The Vegan Society has been asked on a weekly basis how many vegans there are, and all we've been able to say in recent years was that we thought numbers would probably have doubled since 2006. On occasion, I've also replied that everyone eats vegan food on a daily basis, but that vegans just eat a little more plant-based than others.
19/05/2016 12:21 BST

The Vegan Bucket List: The Viennese Waltz

Everyone has a bucket list, and for many, this may include a visit to a beautiful Renaissance era city such as Vienna. A Viennese Ball may even make it to the list. But a Vegan Ball in Vienna?
15/02/2016 12:32 GMT

The 5p Plastic Bag Versus The Steak on Your Plate

The Climate Change Act 2008 gave the government a mandate to impose a fee for plastic carrier bags in an attempt to cut down on waste and global warming. In England this measure has now been implemented. While the step in itself is laudable, its environmental benefits will be negligible.
06/10/2015 15:17 BST

Taking Charge of Our Own Health

Have we been asking the right questions about protecting our health? Are more doctors and nurses the answer, or extra NHS funding? The election debates barely touched on health issues, particularly inequality and healthy lifestyles.
26/06/2015 16:46 BST

Vegan: The New Status Quo?

The risk of early death is 40% lower in people consuming more than seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Vegetables are especially important, and some studies show that raw vegetables (salads) are particularly protective. The lower risk of early death is primarily due to a lower risk in heart disease. Vegans typically also have lower body weights, lower risk of developing Type II diabetes, and they experience other health benefits.
31/10/2014 13:17 GMT

This Monkey Business Is Serious

Apparently, US copyright law means that "non-human authors" do not have the right to automatic copyright of any photographs that they take. In the weird world of copyright, both an underlying image and subsequent alterations resulting in a final image are needed to have copyright bestowed on a person.
08/08/2014 14:47 BST

One World, Many Lives, Our Choice

On 5th June, World Environment Day, we are asked to raise our voice, not the sea level. We are shouting from the rooftops and occupying as much digital space as possible. We need action because our current food production and consumption patterns are unsustainable.
05/06/2014 13:31 BST

Why Everyone Is Falling in Love with Veganism

Everyone is now free to embrace veganism, not only those who are already vegan, but those who are thinking about it and want to start bringing more plant-based dishes into their diet, or replace their leather shoes with vegan versions. Vegans can choose from a wide range of different food and products in supermarkets and online.
04/05/2014 17:21 BST

Vegan Eats (or How to Tackle the Global Obesity Crisis)

What and how much we eat, how we live and our levels of activity, are all important factors determining our health. Governments seem averse to being seen as 'nanny states' in regards to public health and diet recommendations. However, the growing obesity crisis clearly shows that the profitable global commercial food and drinks sector has the upper hand.
08/01/2014 12:58 GMT

Going Vegan Like Beyonce?

'Vegans on ice'; 'I'm a vegan celebrity - get me out of here'; 'BBC Vegan Breakfast', 'The One Vegan Show'; 'Come Vegan Dining With Me' and 'ITVegan' have not yet caught on, but the news that Jay-Z and Beyonce have tried a plant-based diet has sparked a lot of interest and controversy.
10/12/2013 14:05 GMT

Badger and Cow-friendly Solution to Bovine TB

This World Vegan Day (1 November), isn't it time we ask different questions about bovine tuberculosis (bTB)? Do we simply accept that it will always exist, although we may eventually reach a stage in which bTB is somewhat contained? It doesn't need to be.
01/11/2013 13:23 GMT

The Future of Food, Why Lab Grown Meat Is Not the Solution

Leaving aside the discussion about whether or not in vitro meat (IVM) is capable of reducing (non-human animal) suffering; reducing environmental impact and positively affecting human health, in vitro meat is likely to be an expensive item for quite some time. Plant-based (vegan) diets on the other hand are already readily available and need not be expensive.
09/08/2013 18:17 BST

A Nation of Animal Lovers? So Why Is Animal Testing on the Rise?

On 16 July, the Home Office released statistics regarding the types of 4.11 million scientific procedures on other animals used in 2012, which again show an increase compared to 2011 figures. The Vegan Society is deeply worried about this trend and the assumed effectiveness of animal research that exists among many scientists and parliamentarians.
17/07/2013 11:40 BST

Open Letter to the G8 Leaders: You Can't Feed the World on Animals

We call on the UK Government to show leadership by recognising and acting upon the environmental, health and food security benefits of a move away from animal farming. With the CAP reform looming and many farmers ('dairy' farmers in particular) struggling to make ends meet, action plans should be developed for people wishing to switch from animal farming
05/06/2013 11:24 BST

Veganism Is the Answer To the Inevitable Question

From a vegan perspective, it is interesting to watch the outrage from the public and from politicians; the cruelty and exploitation of millions of living beings are a daily occurrence, yet this does not elicit such a strong response.
22/02/2013 17:36 GMT